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Do I have a Zoom account? 

All CU faculty and staff have access to a free, basic Zoom account. You can access your account by going to and using the “Sign In” button. It will take you to the Columbia page where you will sign in with your UNI. 

How do I sign into my Zoom account? 

You can sign into your Zoom account at and choose “SIgn In.” It will take you to the CU page where you will sign in with your UNI and you will be directed to your Zoom account. 

What is the difference between the Basic and the Pro Zoom account? 

The Basic account is the free version of Zoom that everyone has by default. If you have more than 2 participants in a meeting your meeting is limited to 40 minutes. You have the ability to restart a new meeting immediately,

  • Both Pro and Basic accounts are the same in terms of how you schedule and conduct your meeting.
  • Pro account has added functionality than the Basic account, such as Polling, Breakout rooms.. 
  • Zoom Pro meeting is limited to 300 participants while the Basic account supports 100 participants.
  • Zoom Pro account has advanced functionality. It includes.polling , breakout rooms and recording to the cloud.

Do I have a basic or pro account? 

  • Log into your Zoom account at
  • Go to your Profile on the left of the page and from there you can check your User Type.

If you have a free, basic account it will say “Basic.”

If you have a Pro account it will say “Licensed”

Can I schedule a one-on-0ne session

SIPA AV will work with SIPA staff to schedule an individual session. Any one can join the Office hours and ask question

How do I access my Zoom meeting? 

You can either click on the URL under “Join Zoom Meeting Link” and it will prompt you to open your Zoom app and take you to the meeting. OR, you can go to and go to “Join a Meeting” where you will be prompted to enter the Zoom Meeting ID.

Can I start a Zoom meeting in Citrix?

No. A Zoom meeting must be started outside on your local system or device. Citrix is a remote session on a Citrix server. It is not supported in Citrix as it cannot detect a camera or a microphone on your system.

How do I start Zoom on a Chromebook?

  • In order to activate your microphone and camera on your chromebook you must be logged in

with your personal gmail account. Do not log in with your credentials, doing so
will establish restrictions on your chromebook which will not allow you to use certain devices or
install applications.

  • If you do not have an existing gmail account you can easily create at the login screen.
  • Once you are logged in you can download the zoom application from the google play store.


Search Zoom from Google Play

Zoom controls

  • Click on the install tab for Zoom.
  • Once Zoom is installed it will automatically detect your microphone and camera.

If you have any questions or issues please email

How do I become the host of the meeting? 

If you are joining the meeting from the link Andrew sent out, you will join the meeting as normal by entering your meeting ID in Zoom or clicking the link. Once you are in the meeting, you will need to open the Participants panel by clicking on Participants in the bottom tool bar in Zoom (see image below). Once the panel opens on the right you will see a Claim Host button (see image) - click that button and enter the Zoom Host Code (Red number in table above) and you will be host for the meeting. Make sure not to give this number out to students. 


What can I do as host of the meeting? 

  • As host of the meeting you have the ability to grant access to participants to turn on their mic and webcam. You can mute or unmute everyone in the meeting (this does not control their mic, only grants access for them to activate their mic and webcam).
  • You can make someone a co-host.
  • You can start and stop recording of the meeting.
  • You can remove participants if needed. You can lower a hand if someone uses the Raise Hand feature.
  • You can end the meeting for everyone, which will also end the recording of the meeting.
  • You do not need to make someone a host or co-host for them to speak or have their webcam on or to share their screen. Everyone has that access unless as host you specifically disable it. 

How do I end the meeting? 

As host you have the ability to end the meeting for everyone. This will also stop any recording of the meeting. If you are the host, click on End Meeting in red on the bottom right (see image below).

In the dialog box that pops up, choose End Meeting for All (second image). If you are not the host you will only see Leave Meeting. 



How do I sign into the Zoom mobile app? 

If you’re signing into the Zoom mobile app with your personal UNI account, you will not use the default Email Address and Password to sign in. Instead, the easiest route is to use Google (see image). Type in your, you will then be taken to a CU page where you will sign in with