Working with Zoom Zoom Trainings & FAQs

In the event of unforeseen circumstances and disruption to campus activities, staff can continue to hold meetings and communicate with students using digital technologies available at Columbia University. It is accessible from any device - Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or a Windows Phone.

Host Virtual Meetings VIA Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows users to speak with others (e.g. staff and students) in different locations by streaming audio and video. The tool is accessible from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. SIPA Office of Information Technology (SIPAIT) will work with each office to assist with access to Zoom accounts, train and support SIPA staff. 

There are two types of Zoom accounts:

  • Zoom Basic: free to all Columbia faculty, staff and students; it will time-out after 40 minutes if there are three or more participants in a meeting. You may create a Zoom basic account at by selecting the Sign In button.
  • Zoom Pro:  accommodates up to 300 people and has no time limit. OAA has set-up Zoom Pro meetings for all courses and recitations and will inform faculty shortly about how to access these.
  • For support with Zoom related issues, please email [email protected]
  • Also see Zoom Essential Features Guide

Training Materials for Zoom:

Join a meeting

Configure audio and video

Join a Meeting


Joining & Configuring Audio & Video


Share your screen or write on a whiteboard.  

Sharing Your Screen


Additional short videos are available under Zoom resources at

Hosting a MEETING:

  • For personal Zoom accounts: Log in at and choose “SIgn In.” It will take you to the CU page where you will sign in with your UNI and you will be directed to your Zoom account.
  • Users with offfice shared Zoom Pro acounts: ONLY login at
  • You will have a Meeting ID or a Join Meeting link that can be shared with others you wish to invite.
  • Test your equipment 4-10 minutes in advance of your meeting.
  • You are the host of the meeting.