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International Conflict Resolution

Provides students with policy skills in preventive diplomacy, mediation, and peacebuilding that can be applied to any sector of public and international affairs.

The specialization in International Conflict Resolution (ICR) provides students with the policy knowledge and tools to tackle international and societal conflict at local, national, regional, and global levels. ICR offers an unusually diverse mix of courses and activities, reflecting the importance of conflict resolution in every realm of policy and professional practice. In keeping with SIPA’s commitment to interdisciplinary inquiry, ICR provides its students with analytical skills that will serve them across multiple disciplines and career paths.  

Students receive practical, hands-on training in various methodologies of conflict resolution and atrocity prevention through interactions with some of the most prominent practitioners and scholars in the field, simulations, and field-based research programs.

ICR is for students who want to promote peaceful change at every level through innovative thinking, purposeful action, and fresh approaches to public policy. Our students challenge conventional wisdom and demand better problem-solving on local and international stages, whether through civil society, the private sector, governments, or international institutions. They are seeking the tools and knowledge to match their vision, courage, and commitment.

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Career Paths

ICR prepares students for successful careers in the public, private, and NGO sectors at local, national, and international levels. They are equally at home in the field, in capitals, in headquarters, or in international institutions; everywhere there is an interest in resolving conflict to reach common ground.

ICR students and alumni can use their UNI credentials to access the ICR Alumni Advisors Directory, which contains the profiles of alumni both in the U.S. and abroad who have agreed to share their professional experience and advice. The ICR specialization also regularly facilitates career/networking events, both virtually and in person, which are promoted through the ICR CampusGroups listserv.

Specialization Requirements

Students must complete coursework totaling nine points including:

  • One ICR core course: Conflict Resolution (three points)
  • Two ICR electives (three points per course)

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