SIPA Fundraising Priorities

Supporting Students

$13 million will expand financial support for students—funding tuition and providing access to workshops, competitions, summer travel, and more—to allow the world’s best to attend regardless of their means.
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Ensuring a Remarkable Faculty

$25 million will help permanently fund five professorships—in SIPA’s traditional areas of strength and subjects of emerging importance.
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Expanding Innovation and Research

$90 million will elevate SIPA’s leadership in the field by supporting interdisciplinary centers, cross-cutting academic initiatives, experiential learning opportunities, and other distinctive programs.
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Building a Global Hub

$15 million will help create a physical and technological environment that is commensurate with the quality of our world-leading programs.

Evolving with a Changing World

$7 million will bolster SIPA’s Annual Fund, which supports a wide range of core programs and gives the School flexibility to fund new opportunities as they arise.