SIPA MPA-EPM Classroom 2022

Time Out Funding

SIPA believes faculty-student engagement outside the classroom creates and sustains a dynamic community. The Time Out program brings SIPA students and SIPA faculty together outside the classroom for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
For students, we hope these sessions inspire spontaneous and free-flowing discussions about their coursework, expectations, and questions concerning career choices and professional opportunities.
For SIPA faculty, we hope the sessions provide a chance to engage students on topics influential to their teaching, research, and matters important to the school.

Funding Criteria:

  • Time Out funds $25 per person up to a maximum of $150 per meal/event.
  • A minimum of one SIPA faculty/administrator and two students are required at each event.
  • Students may host one such event per semester.
  • SIPA faculty and administrators may be reimbursed for up to two (2) outings per academic year.
  • The event should include a meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • This event must be hosted outside of class and outside of the normal class meeting hours.
  • Request forms MUST be received at least one (1) week (5 business days) before the event.
  • You will receive a notice of your approval via email, and this approval in advance is required before any expenses can be incurred.
  • TimeOut funding is a reimbursement; no funding will be distributed before the event. Additionally, you may not use vouchers.
  • All events must comply with applicable Columbia and SIPA health and safety requirements, and funding can be denied if such health and safety rules are not honored by any of the participants.

Instructions for Reimbursement

After the event, you should complete a Travel/Business Expense Form, which can be accessed here.
Attached to your completed Business Expense Reports, you must include:

  • Original receipt(s) for the event; Credit/debit card statement if your purchases were made with a credit/debit card.
  • Approval email from the Office of Student Affairs.

A completed expense report should be submitted to Concur not more than two weeks following the event. You will receive instructions in your confirmation email.
Funds are limited; as noted above, you can only be reimbursed up to $150 for each meal/event. 

If you have questions about the Timeout Program approvals, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at [email protected].