November 28, 2014
Is Putin intentionally provoking the West? Kimberly Marten talks with NewsHour.
November 28, 2014
Steven Cohen discusses the U.S.-China climate accord in the Huffington Post.
November 28, 2014
Jason Bordoff discusses why lifting restrictions would be smart for both economic and geopolitical reasons.
November 28, 2014
Stephen Sestanovich considers the lessons from a previous era's arms talks.
November 28, 2014
Steven Cohen discusses infrastructure disinvestment in the Huffington Post.
November 28, 2014
Twenty-five years after being elected as NYC mayor, David Dinkins reflects on his time in office, and on comparisons to President Obama.
November 24, 2014
Gary Sick writes on the importance of meeting the Nov. 24 deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran.
November 21, 2014
Congratulations to Molly Slotznick MPA-DP ’15 (Captain), Chloe Denavit MPA-DP ’15, and Andrew Carmona MPA-DP ’15, whose team led a field of 75 students.
November 19, 2014
As a panelist in Azerbaijan, she discussed the importance of addressing youth needs through education and engaging youth in the design of education systems.
November 18, 2014
Berger, a concentrator in International Security Policy, represented SIPA at last month’s Atlantic Dialogues conference in Marrakech, Morocco.