September 2, 2014

Among SIPA’s newest students is Sama Habib MIA ’16, who worked in the economic section of the U.S. Embassy in London this past summer as a 2014 Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellow.

Each year an advisory board selects three outstanding students to be Harriman Fellows, choosing among State Department interns at American Embassies in London and Paris and the Secretary of State’s office in Washington.

Habib said she was “extremely honored and humbled” to have received the fellowship, which includes a $5,000 stipend.

“The Harriman Fellowship allowed me to focus in on my work at the Embassy without worrying about the financial constraints of living in London,” she said. “As a result, my time was spent appreciating this exceptional learning opportunity, which provided me with an unparalleled preparation for my career in the Foreign Service.”

Habib’s interest in international relations began in 2010 when she became the New York Fellow for the State Department’s Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship. Since then Sama has traveled to Scotland to work with the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals and to Moldova for a conference on Peace Building in Eastern Europe.

She said she hopes to continue fostering community throughout her career by recognizing the importance of being a global citizen, and to focus in part on the rights of Coptic minorities and empowering women. Sama plans after graduating from SIPA to become a Foreign Service Officer in order to further promote education and compassion.

Established in 2000 by the College of William & Mary in conjunction with the U.S. State Department, the fellowships honor former ambassador to France Pamela Harriman and inspire the best of a new generation to pursue careers in public service. For more information about the Harriman Fellowships, please visit

Thanks to the College of William & Mary, which provided material from which this is adapted.