September 25, 2014

Each year SIPA faculty members publish scholarly articles and new books on a wide range of subjects.

During 2013-14, members of SIPA’s faculty wrote about issues ranging from sustainable development and economic inequality to estate taxation, from policing in Afghanistan to the impact of better schools and more.

Article Highlights:

Faculty member



Scott Barrett

Climate Treaties and Approaching Catastrophes

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, September 2013

Christopher Blattman et al.

How to Promote Order and Property Rights Under Weak Rule of Law?: An Experiment in Changing Dispute Resolution Behavior through Community Education

American Political Science Review, February 2014

Richard Clarida et al.

NBER International Seminar On Macroeconomics, 2013

Journal of International Economics, April 2014

Michael Doyle; Joseph Stiglitz

Eliminating Extreme Inequality: A Sustainable Development Goal, 2015-2030

Ethics and International Affairs, 2014

Wojciech Kopczuk

Incentive Effects of Inheritances and Optimal Estate Taxation

American Economic Review, May 2013

Paul Lagunes

The (Identification) Cards You Are Dealt: Biased Treatment of Anglos and Latinos Using Municipal-Issued Versus Unofficial ID Cards

Political Psychology, August 2014

Austin Long

The Police in Afghanistan, 2002-2011

Fair and Ganguly, Eds., Policing Insurgencies: Cops as Counterinsurgents, 2014

M. Victoria Murillo et al.

Lessons from Latin America: Building Institutions on Weak Foundations

Journal of Democracy, April 2013

Suresh Naidu et al.

When the Levee Breaks: Black Migration and Economic Development in the American South

American Economic Review, March 2014

Benjamin Orlove et al.

Recognitions and Responsibilities: On the Origins and Consequences of the Uneven Attention to Climate Change Around the World

Current Anthropology, June 2014

Kenneth Prewitt et al.

Applying the Social and Behavioral Sciences to Policy and Practice

Issues in Science and Technology, Spring 2013

Ailsa Röell et al.

Managerial Incentives and Stock Price Manipulation

Journal of Finance, April 2014

Wolfram Schlenker et al.

Using Weather Data and Climate Model Output in Economic Analyses of Climate Change

Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2013

David Stark

On Resilience

Social Sciences, 2014

Miguel Urquiola; CristianPop-Eleches

Going to a Better School: Effects and Behavioral Responses

American Economic Review, June 2013

Since January our professors have published a number of well-received books as well. Among these were a survey of trends in U.S. foreign policy since World War II, an examination of the role that warlords have played since 2001 in governing Afghanistan, a study of Muslim youth culture, and an multi-country analysis of the role of politics in banking and the crises that sometimes result.

Book Highlights:

Hisham Aidi

Rebel Music: Race, Empire, and the New Muslim Youth Culture

Pantheon, 2014

Charles Calomiris et al.

Fragile by Design:
The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit


Princeton, 2014

Steven Cohen

Understanding Environmental Policy, Second Edition


Columbia, 2014

Dipali Mukhopadhyay

Warlords, Strongman Governors, and the State in Afghanistan

Cambridge, 2014

Anya Schiffrin, Ed.

Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World

New Press, 2014

Stephen Sestanovich

Maximalist: America in the World from Truman to Obama

Knopf, 2014