The Kellogg Center is on the top floor of Columbia University’s International Affairs Building, in New York City’s Morningside Heights neighborhood. The Center contains four spaces of various sizes, available for a wide range of events such as conferences or receptions.


The Foyer
Capacity: 70

The Foyer may be used in conjunction with the Dag Hammarskjold room or separately as a reception space. It features a southern view of midtown Manhattan. 


The Dag Hammarskjold Room - (Room 1501)
Capacity: 141

The Dag Hammarskjold room may be used as an auditorium, dining room, or reception space. With floor to ceiling windows on three sides, the room features northern and southern views, including the George Washington bridge and midtown Manhattan. 


Room 1510
Capacity: 25

Room 1510 may be arranged as a meeting space with 14 people around a center table and seating around the perimeter. It features east and north views of Harlem and the George Washington bridge. 


Room 1512
Capacity: 40 (meeting) or 70 (auditorium)

Room 1512 may be arranged as a meeting space with eight tables in a u-shape, seating 38; auditorium-style with 70 chairs facing a lectern or table. The room features a southern view of midtown Manhattan. 



Room reservation

To reserve a space in the Kellogg Center, you must submit a room reservation form at least ten days before an event. The Kellogg Center staff oversees and coordinates all events, including booking, furnishing, and cleaning.

  • Room Pricing: For room pricing, email the Kellogg Center management staff at [email protected].

    Room services, such as setup, cleaning, and security are priced according to rates set by the Columbia University Department of Facilities. 

  • Audio/Visual Equipment:

    Room 1501: 
    AV equipment can be requested from SIPA AV by submitting the online AV equipment form 3 business days in advance. 

    Other Rooms: Access to AV equipment for the 1510 and 1512 can be arranged through SIPA AV by submitting the online AV equipment form.

  • Security: Security must be discussed with the Kellogg Center manager. The University’s Office of Public Safety requires contact information for any speaker from outside the University in order to evaluate security needs.

    The New York City Fire Code and University alcohol policies will be strictly enforced.