Software Download

Software Access

Registered SIPA Students, faculty and staff can download Microsoft products available under the MS Campus Agreement. UNI authentication is required for download. Additional software are accessible for use via the SIPA Workspace portal. Products only for SIPA students are identified below.

Qualtrics @ SIPA

Qualtrics survey tool is now available at SIPA for faculty, staff, PhD students at SIPA and SIPA students in capstone workshops. It enables users to do online data collection and analysis including customer satisfaction.

To request an account, please complete both steps described below. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please note: Non-SIPA requests will be ignored.

  • Step 1: SIPA staff, faculty and students Login at http://sipacolumbia.qualtrics.com and proceed with self-enrollment. or create a new account. (UNI authentication required). An initial account will be setup but will require an administrator to assign you survey creation access. Students must provide name of supervisor.
  • Step 2: Submit additional information about your affiliation at SIPA.
  • The administrator will verify your affiliation at SIPA and approve your account. A confirmation email will be sent when the account has been approved and is ready for use. For questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Resources for Getting Started