SIPA Building

SIPA IT Orientation

Welcome to SIPA IT

SIPAIT main lab is in 510 IAB and is open during the academic year Monday-Thursday from 8:30am till 11pm; on Friday till 9pm. The lab is also open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 8pm. Additional information is posted in the lab. SIPAIT also has another lab in the Lehman Library, room 321B IAB. A 24-hour lab is located on the 6th floor. 

Resources for Students

Watch Fall IT Orientation Video to learn about IT Resources. This presentation is also available for download. Additional videos are available below for SWE, printing in the SIPA labs and on how to change password for the SIPAIT network ID.

SIPA Network ID

As a registered SIPA student, you will be issued a SIPA network ID, which is separate from your UNI Email with CUIT. It is [email protected]. You will receive this information in-person or via email, depending on how your program has planned orientation. This information should be kept secure and is only for your use to access SIPA IT resources.

SIPA Workspace Environment (SWE)

SIPAIT offers students remote access to licensed software for their curricular needs, and  to access these resources in the SIPA Labs. SIPA Workspace is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service. It provides access to a Windows based environment containing SIPA licensed software accessible from both personal and SIPA, Columbia University owned devices. It is available to students, staff and faculty teaching in the SIPA instructional lab at SIPA. For instructions on setting up SWE on your personal computer Workspace Environment watch video on SWE installation

SIPA Workspace Environment

User responsibility
- Save
your work when walking away from a session for an extended period of time.
- Anyone connected and not using the system for more than 30 minutes will be automatically logged off by the system and all unsaved work will be lost.

Printing in SIPA Labs

All users registered at SIPA will be issued courtesy non-refundable $60 print credit each term. Additional print credit can be purchased in 510 SIPA lab during business hours. They can purchase credit in increments of $1 for 25 pages of black and white laser printing per semester.  The cost is $0.40 per page for color printing. Please plan your purchase as any unused funds are not refundable.


Changing Password for SIPAIT Network ID

Software Downloads

SIPAIT provides registered students software for their personal computer and additional products are provided by CUIT. Registered SIPA Students can download Microsoft products available under the MS Campus Agreement. Applications available for download include Microsoft products. Malwarebytes anti-virus software and Think-Cell chart are available free to all students. UNI authentication is required for download. Additional software are accessible for use via the Citrix portal.

For assistance, please visit the SIPA lab in 510 IAB or review information on the SIPAIT website