Laptop Support

Laptop Support

What is supported

The Client Services team is responsible for providing laptop support for SIPA students, both for Windows and Mac systems for English language operating systems only. While SIPA IT does not require students to purchase any particular model of laptop, the laptop must meet the minimum requirements.

Laptop support is limited to software, drivers, viruses and operating system issues. Hours of support are Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm during the academic year, and Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm in summer. A student can initiate request for help in room 510 IAB at the Help Desk. A ticket is generated for the Student Support team. Service is available on first-come-first serve basis. A student is required to sign appropriate liability waiver form before any work is done on the laptop. Students are responsible for warranty for hardware support from the manufacturer, and will need to contact an authorized vendor for any hardware issues.


- All systems must have anti-virus and OS with the latest patches for access to the SIPA network.
- Only English-language versions of Windows and Applications will be supported.
- Check with SIPA IT before making any major system and application updates (latest releases are supported only after SIPA.
- IT has tested them.
- Beta versions of software are not supported.
- Students are responsible for backing up data on their laptops.

WiFi in IAB

WiFi connectivity is available throughout the building, and in every classroom. CUIT manages the infrastructure.

Loaner Laptop Policy

SIPA IT maintains a small pool of loaner computers for students who meet the laptop minimum requirements. Please review the loaner policy for details below.

Request a Loaner Laptop

SIPAIT maintains a small pool of loaner computers for SIPA students who meet the laptop minimum requirements and whose computer:

- must be returned to the manufacturer for repair;
- is with SIPA Client Services for repair;
- has been stolen;
- is not functioning during final exams.

Proper documentation must be provided and can be (but not limited to) one of the following:

- police report (if stolen);
- documentation from the manufacturer;
- completed shipping receipt.

These loaner laptops are intended for emergency, short-term loans only. With only a dozen laptops for 1300 students, the pool can be used in no other manner. If a student is going to be without your computer for longer than the program's one-week loan period, a loaner laptop can be used for initial support but the student should investigate a longer-term solution, such as renting a computer.

Loaner Procedure

A student meeting one of the criteria mentioned in the general policy may visit the Client Services staff with proper documentation to request a loaner. If the loaner request is approved, the IT staff will provide the student with a copy of incident ticket and a loaner request form, which must be filled and returned along with a copy of student's CUID. 

The loan is for a maximum of seven calendar days unless the repairs take longer. In such cases student must provide documentation to this effect from the manufacturer. Please note that even with such documentation SIPAIT cannot guarantee an extension of the loan period if there are other students waiting for a laptop. A student may get an extension if a laptop is available. 

The loaner laptop must be returned by the specified due date in the condition it was borrowed. If the system is not returned within the agreed upon time, the user's SIPA network account and access to support will be suspended. A hold will be added to student record, which may affect registration and graduation.

The student accepts full financial responsibility if the computer and/or any peripherals are missing or damaged upon their return. The replacement system will be Identical to the lost computer (if available from the manufacturer); or  a comparable computer from the same manufacturer.