The Technology and Innovation Student Association is a student-led organization that offers students the opportunity to learn more about the intersection of technology, innovation, and public policy through events, networking, internship, and job opportunities in the tech and innovation sectors.  TISA's mission is to create a community that fosters discussions on the influence of technology in public policies and how they are reshaping society. TISA also debates on issues on the regulation of new technologies and business models, innovation in public bidding processes, and public-private partnerships with innovative companies. Follow TISA on Facebook.


The SIPA Digital and Cyber Group (DCG) was founded in 2016 to provide a central platform for students that connects them to the wider cyber community through events, competitions, and online resources. DCG’s mission is to make SIPA the leader in digital and cyber policy education by integrating those subjects into the curriculum and highlighting the intersection between digital and cyber issues and the other salient subjects of our time. Programming includes a curated series of events, including New York’s Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge, which seeks to connect students to the wider Columbia and professional community.


Cyber 9/12

Each Fall semester, Columbia University hosts a regional cyber policy competition known as the Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge.  Started by Atlantic Council, Cyber 9/12 is a one-of-a-kind competition designed to provide students across academic disciplines with a deeper understanding of the policy challenges associated with cyber crisis and conflict. The competition gives students a unique opportunity to interact with expert mentors and high-level cyber professionals while developing valuable skills in policy analysis and presentation. The students have to tackle challenges like assessing the impact of a major cyberattack, thinking through attribution and national responsibility, and response options for the President and private sector.

Teams must be made up of four students representing one University, but can come from multiple schools or departments within that university. Each team should have a mentor from the faculty or a relevant doctoral program.

Cyber 9/12 Challenge

Dean's Public Policy Challenge Grant

The Public Policy Grant Program of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) invites students to form teams to propose student-designed projects and prototypes that use ICTs and/or data analytics to solve global policy problems.  Solutions may be market-based, public/philanthropic supported, or a mix.  The Program encourages the formation of teams that integrate students of public policy, computer science, engineering and other fields across Columbia University. All teams must include at least one SIPA student in a substantive role. Find more information here »


There is a well-recognized talent gap in the world of cybersecurity and technology, with positions opening up across the fields of business cyber risk, threat intelligence and policy roles in government and the private sector. We have created a cyber jobs brochure designed to convey the skills that a SIPA student can learn, the subjects and issues they can experience and the organizations and application process they might consider to give them the best set of options. 

SIPA Cyber Jobs Brochure

Student Development

Since the summer of SIPA's Cyber Program hosts an annual Cyber Career Trip to Washington, D.C. where students and recent graduates meet with senior industry professionals and SIPA alumni working in the field of cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and technology policy. Students previously met with professionals at  FireEye, Cyber Threat Alliance, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Facebook, the Atlantic Council, the Department of Defense, and Cyberspace Solarium Commission.

In addition, the Tech & Policy Initiative and Cyber Program hosts informal networking socials each semester to connect current students, alumni, and industry professionals in the field of cybersecurity and technology policy. Complementary, the Initiative and Cyber Program launched the Cyber Risk and Career Series in Spring 2020 to continue discussing career opportunities in the cyber and technology field. At past events, students heard from experienced professionals, as well as, alumni and young professionals who shared their experiences in starting their careers.