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Global Cyber Dialogues

US-Japan Digital and Cyber Dialogue

Initiated in the Spring of 2020 by Senior Research Scholar Greg Rattray, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and Keio University’s Cyber Civilization Research Center jointly initiated the Dialogue to discuss the future path for improving U.S.-Japan cyber cooperation with the goal of understanding the potential digital and cyber challenges that both countries face. The Dialogue brings together US and Japanese business and academic leaders to share perspectives, discuss, and address challenges in the areas of Digital Free Trade, Cyber Collaboration and Norms, Digital Innovation and Cyber Crisis Management.and fostering digital free trade with trust. The Dialogue kicked off in March 2020 with a plenary session of core members.

In May 2020 the dialogue hosted its first event, Japan-US Digital and Cyber Dialogue: Ensuring Collaboration in a Time of Change. Organized with generous support from the Japan Society, the event was themed on Enhancing US-Japan Digital and Cyber Collaboration and featured a keynote speech from UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu, and four panel discussions with former high-level government officials, private sector leaders, and distinguished scholars.

Video recordings are available for the Keynote, and two panel sessions: Enhancing U.S.-Japan Digital & Cyber Collaborationand Human Element of Cyber Crisis Management.  

The Dialogue’s organizing team includes: Greg Rattray, Senior Research Scholar, SIPA; Qiheng Chen, SIPA '21; David Farber, Distinguished Professor, Keio Global Research Institute; Tobias Burgers, Project Assistant Professor, Keio University; Cherry Wong ,Keio University

Columbia SIPA intends to extend this model to Dialogues with other countries.