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DEFRAG: Columbia University's Hacked Film Festival

The Saving Cyber Initiative at Columbia SIPA and the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University School of the Arts join together to present a unique festival that will explore digital literacy and hacker culture.

DEFRAG will emphasize that the identity of hackers is not so black and white, and that each of us everyday citizens must “hack” systems in order to gain control of our privacy and data as well as our freedom and expression in cyberspace, too. It is easy to consider the vulnerability of our individual data, privacy, rights, and safety as political and military dramas play out in and through cyberspace: election hacking, email leaks, ransomware attacks on cities, and massive disruptive attacks against shipping, hospitals, and power plants. And yet at the same time, it can be difficult to imagine the nuances and understand the policy and current discourse surrounding these risks.

There have been virtual DEFRAG events held through 2021, which will continue through 2022. A physical launch event in New York City is planned for later in 2022. 

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