Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix to Attack COVID Slump

Thursday, November 16, 2021
Columbia University, School of International Affairs Building



There is great interest in understanding the “post-COVID” world, and how the macro policy levers have been and will be moved is clearly an important part of that story.

In this SIPA Faculty Webinar, Professor Patricia Mosser, director of the MPA Program in Economic Policy Management and Senior Research Scholar, spoke with leading SIPA faculty members – Willem Buiter, Special Economic Adviser to Citigroup and Adjunct Professor; Guillermo Calvo, Professor of International and Public Affairs; Takatoshi Ito, Professor of International and Public Affairs; and Jack Lew, Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs – to analyze the how macro policy, fiscal and monetary, may need to adjust as we move out of the most acute phase of the pandemic.