Lemann supported SIPA course "Design for Social Innovation," taught by Sarah Holloway and Columbia University Designer-in-Residence Adam Royalty in Spring 2019, focused on solving deeply entrenched and seemingly intractable problems in K-12 education in Brazil's massive public education system. Students worked in teams around the themes of parent engagement, remediation and special education, and to develop solutions leveraging technology. Winning teams received funding to launch their ventures in Brazil. 

Ana Paula Romero Manzalli Teachers College '19
Co-founder, Sincroniza Educação
Sincroniza Educaçãoto seeks to promote significant improvement in student learning through continuing teacher education and management of projects related to methodology, use of educational technologies, and adoption of the Base National Common Curriculum in Brazil.

Laura Marsiaj Ribeiro MPA '18
Founder and CEO, Eu Ensino
Eu Ensino is a continuing education platform for educators. They offer courses and support tools for pedagogical coordinators and teachers to improve their teaching and monitor progress.