Lemann Fellowship

Thanks to the generous support of the Lemann Foundation, SIPA supports student-led efforts to address social and economic development for Brazil, particularly through social entrepreneurship and innovation. The program fosters a community of students, alumni, and participating entrepreneurs and experts at the forefront of fostering innovation and social entrepreneurship in Brazil and who may apply successful models from Brazil and deploy them elsewhere in the world. Through small grants, workshops, and Brazil focused capstones, SIPA recruits some of the most promising, emerging leaders for social entrepreneurship in Brazil and beyond. The strengthening of the SIPA ecosystem around entrepreneurship will also bring experts to campus to inform all students, especially those with a focus on Brazil.

Lemann Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Fellows

SIPA awards self-starter grants to first- or second-year students to deepen knowledge of Brazil and explore projects that advance social entrepreneurship and innovation in or related to Brazil. Fellows participate in dialogues with scholars and other thought leaders about innovation and public policy challenges in Brazil and elsewhere. The special support for Fellows fosters the development of a cohort of students who are focused on social entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil.

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Achieving Social Impact: Brazil and Beyond Workshops

Drawing on SIPA’s experts in social entrepreneurship, SIPA conducts workshops that focus on designing projects and organizations that achieve measurable social impact. Students selected as Lemann Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellows attend special workshops, “Achieving Social Impact: Brazil and Beyond”, which convene each academic year.

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Brazil-focused Start-up through SIPA Dean’s Challenge Grant

A new track in the SIPA Dean’s Challenge Grant supports Brazil-oriented Challenge Grant teams. The SIPA Dean’s Challenge Grant invites students to put their policy passions into entrepreneurial ventures – whether for profit or not for profit – and to design cutting-edge projects that use ICT and/or data analytics to advance a public policy objective through entrepreneurship. Special new recruitment and support elements have been added to the SIPA Dean’s Public Policy Challenge to cultivate new student-led enterprises to solve pressing contemporary issues that affects Brazil. ​The enterprise is part of the existing SIPA Dean's Public Policy Challenge Grant, which provides funding, mentorship, and guidance to students to develop and establish social ventures that utilize ICTs to address a pressing policy challenge. The selected teams receive an award to help fund the launch or further development of their venture in Brazil. For more information please contact [email protected].

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Brazil-focused Experts

SIPA seeks to widen research, teaching, and engagement on Brazil.  We invite scholars, practitioners, and social entrepreneurs to participate in activities related to Brazil, support student-led projects, and seek to expand SIPA’s related academic infrastructure.

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Brazil-focused Capstone Workshops

SIPA offers Capstone Workshops each spring to address real-world problems in Brazil through its pathbreaking Capstone Program. Six to eight students and a faculty advisor undertake a clearly defined project for a partner institution either focused on Brazil or located in Brazil, such as a social enterprise, government agency, non-profit organization, or company. The workshop teams engage in substantive research and analysis, and produce actionable recommendations that will be utilized by the partner organization.

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Ed Tech Alumni

Lemann supported SIPA course "Design for Social Innovation," taught by Sarah Holloway and Columbia University Designer-in-Residence Adam Royalty in Spring 2019, focused on solving deeply entrenched and seemingly intractable problems in K-12 education in Brazil's massive public education system.

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