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September 2019|The Routledge Handbook on Transitional Governance|Adam Day, David M. Malone

Contextualising Conflict-Related Transitional Governance since 1989

September 2019|Social Science Computer Review|Anya Schiffrin, Karolina Koc-Michalska, Anamaria Lopez, Shelley Boulianne, Bruce Bimber

The gender dynamics of political discussion are important. These dynamics shape who shares their political views and how they share their views and reactions to these views. Using representative survey data from the United States and the UK, we investigate how social media platforms shape the gender dynamics of political posting. We also examine the concept of “mansplaining”—a term used to describe a patronizing form of communication directed at women by men.We argue that the possibility of being mansplained affects who is willing to post their opinions online, and as such, caution should be exercised when using digital trace data to represent public opinion.

September 2019|THE CHANGING ROLE OF THE STATE: Rediscovering the Path to Stable Growth in Brazil |Patricia Mosser
September 2019|Columbia Journal of International Arbitration|Merit E. Janow, Damien Neven, Petros C. Mavroidis
September 2019|The Oxford Handbook on the International Law of Global Security|Adam Day, David M. Malone

The UN’s Role in Shaping Global Security Law

August 2019|Chinese Strategic Intentions: White Paper |Cynthia Roberts

Avoid Allowing Opponents to ‘Beat America at Its Own Game’: Ensuring US Financial and Currency Power

August 2019|LIT Verlag|Horst Fischer, Helen Ahrens, Verónica Gómez, Manfred Nowak
July 2019|Alchemist|Rachel Harvey

Genteel Fair Play: The Culture of the London Gold Market

June 2019|Cambridge University Press|Maria Victoria Murillo, Daniel Brinks, Steven Levitsky

Understanding Institutional Weakness: Power and Design in Latin American Institutions

June 2019|Public Choice|Rimvydas Baltaduonis, D. Aycinena, L. Rentschler

Valuation Structure in Incomplete Information Contests: Experimental Evidence