Wellesley College offers a number of fellowships for graduate study or research that are open to graduating seniors and Wellesley alumnae. Awards are usually made to applicants currently enrolled in or applying to graduate school for the following year. Preference in almost all cases will be given to applicants who have not held one of these awards previously. Decisions will be based on merit and need, with the exception of the Trustee awards, which are determined on merit alone. Awards are for study at institutions other than Wellesley College and are open to all nationalities.  A common application can be used to apply for most of the awards.

Some of the fellowships offered include:

  • Margaret Freeman Bowers Fellowship: for graduate/professional study in fields leading to a career of service to others.  Fields include social work, law, public health, policy and administration, and development studies.  Preference given to candidates demonstrating financial need, a prior record of action and service, and a clear vision of the contribution they want to make.  Award: up to $10,000. 
  • Professor Elizabeth F. Fisher Fellowship for research or further study in geology or geography, including urban, environmental or ecological studies. Preference given to geology and geography.  Award: up to $7,000. 
  • Horton-Hallowell Fellowship for graduate study in any field, preferably in the last two years of candidacy for the PhD degree, or its equivalent, or for private research of an equivalent standard.  Award: up to $10,000. 
  • Alice Freeman Palmer Fellowship for study or research internationally or in the U.S. The holder must be no more than 26 years of age at the time of her appointment and unmarried throughout the whole of her tenure.  Award: up to $26,000.
  • Vida Dutton Scudder Fellowship for study or research in the fields of social science, political science, or literature. Award: up to $11,000.
  • Fanny Bullock Workman Fellowship for graduate study in any field.  Award: up to $16,000.