"Follies is a night of creativity and laughter on stage at the end of the school year, where students write, produce and act in skits, songs and videos poking fun at their SIPA experience. If you want to cement your place in SIPA history, Follies is the place to be IAB-famous. If you're frustrated with how things are at SIPA and your inability to ever leave Lehman Library, and would like to channel that creatively in the form of funny skits/videos, song, or dance, then Follies is your stage to do it!

For those less stage inclined, we would also love for you to join our close-knit crew and help with tech, backstage and marketing/partnerships! Our mutual interests include free food, being really poor, not understanding Econ, and making jokes about that.

Your favorite SIPA deans and professors will be in attendance, and we have a tentative agreement from the guy playing World of Warcraft in the Fishbowl to leave his laptop and attend.

Have questions? Contact the Mismanagers at [email protected]!"