Seamus O'Cleireacain is an adjunct professor at SIPA where he teaches courses on EU-US economic relations and on European economic integration. He is professor emeritus at Purchase College. A specialist on international economic policy, European economic integration, including European Monetary Union, US-EU relations, and trade policy, from 1991-94, he was in charge of the Ford Foundation's Program in International Economics and Development. He has been a consultant and advisor to the United Nations, the State Department, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the U.K. Department of Trade and Industry, and the Japanese Foreign Ministry's Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

Publications include "Sub-Saharan Africa's Trade Liberalization Experience" in Regional Integration and Trade Liberalization in Sub-Saharan Africa (Macmillan Press 1999), edited by Ademola Oyejide, Benno Ndulu and David Greenaway; "EC Policies Toward Japanese Trade and Investment: Implications for US-EC relations" in 1992: Europe and America (Manchester 1991), edited by George N. Yannopoulos; "Long-Term Implications of the Unified European Market: Birth of an Economic Superpower?" in Mediterranean Quarterly (Fall 1990); Third World Debt and International Public Policy (Praeger-Greenwood 1990), "The Emerging Social Dimension of Europe 1992" in 1992: Technological Challenges and European Security (Frances Pinter 1990), edited by Michael S. Steinberg; "Europe 1992 and Gaps in the European Community's Common Commercial Policy" in Journal of Common Market Studies (March 1990); "A View on the External Effects of Europe 1992" inThe United States and the European Community: Convergence or Conflict? (Nijgh and Van Ditmar Universitair 1989), edited by H. M. Belein; "Northern Ireland and Irish Integration: The Role of the European Communities" in Journal of Common Market Studies (December 1983).