Scott B. Martin, PhD (Columbia, 2001) has been a regular lecturer of international affairs and in particular comparative political economy of development and global labor issues at Columbia University (SIPA) and The New School (GPIA/Milano School) since the early 2000s, and also works as a regular free lance contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit.  He is co-author (with Ilán Bizberg) of the book Globalización y Estado de Bienestar: El Caso de Norteamérica (El Colegio de México, 2012) exploring social policy and labor regulation in Mexico, Canada, and the United States comparatively.  He is co-editor and contributor to the volumes, The New Politics of Inequality in Latin America (Oxford, 1997) and Competividade e Desenvolvimento: Atores e Instituições Locais (São Paulo, SENAC, 2001.  He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, most recently, (with João Paulo Cândia Veiga and Katiuscia Moreno Galhera) "Wal-Mart in Brazil:  From Global Diffusion to National Institutional Embeddedness," in Carolina Bank Muñoz, et al., eds., Walmart in the Global South: Workplace Culture, Labor Politics, and Supply Chains (University of Texas,  May 2018).   His areas of research and teaching specialization are comparative and transnational labor politics, comparative social policy, labor and environmental standards in transnational corporations and global commodity chains, and Latin American political economy.