Dr. Bob Cook is a veterinarian who has spent his career in wildlife health, conservation and foundation philanthropy.  Most recently he served as Program Director for Conservation and Basic Medical Research at the Helmsley Charitable Trust.  Prior to that, he worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society serving as the Chief Veterinarian and then as the General Director.  In this role he led a team responsible for the operations of 5 New York zoological parks including the Central Park, Queens and Prospect Parks Zoos, the New York Aquarium and the Bronx Zoo.  He has worked extensively in rural international settings and on global policy issues focused on the health of people, domestic animals, and wildlife.  His work with Helmsley included support of community-based conservation, protected area establishment and management, biodiversity, marine conservation, food security, environmental justice and the sustainability of natural resources.  Dr. Cook has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at SIPA from 2004 to 2007 and then from 2013 to present.

Research & Publications

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Emerging Diseases at the Interface of People, Domestic Animals and Wildlife

June 2011|BioScience|Robert Cook, Kent H. Redford

What Does It Mean To Successfully Conserve a (Vertebrate) Species?

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Focus on the Wild-Emerging Diseases &Conservation

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Zoological Organizations and Field Conservation: Opportunities to Collaborate for Long-Term Conservation Success