Rajiv Sethi is a Professor of Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University and an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. He has previously held visiting positions at Microsoft Research in New York City, and at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He is on the editorial boards of the American Economic Review and Economics and Philosophy.

Rajiv is the author of Shadows of Doubt: Stereotypes, Crime, and the Pursuit of Justice, written jointly with Brendan O’Flaherty. He is also a founding member of CORE (Curriculum Open-Access Resources for Economics), a group of scholars engaged in the production of high-quality resources for the teaching of economics, distributed free of charge worldwide under a Creative Commons license. The first book-length publication by this group is The Economy, available at www.core-econ.org. With funding from the Teagle Foundation, he is currently directing CORE-USA, the New York based chapter of this organization.

Research & Publications

April 2019|Harvard University Press|Rajiv Sethi, Brendan O'Flaherty

Shadows of Doubt: Stereotypes, Crime and the Pursuit of Justice

November 2016|Econometrica|Rajiv Sethi, Muhamet Yildiz

Communication with Unknown Perspectives

July 2015|Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics|Rajiv Sethi, Brendan O'Flaherty

Urban Crime

November 2014|American Economic Journal: Microeconomics|Rajiv Sethi, Yeon-Koo Che

Credit Market Speculation and the Cost of Capital