Dr. Noha Emara received her MA and her PhD in Economics from Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick. Upon finishing her PhD, Dr. Emara served as a Term Assistant Professor of Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University where she has taught Economic Reasoning, Econometrics, Money and Banking, Labor Economics, and Development Economics.

Dr. Emara joined the faculty of SIPA in Spring 2013 teaching two courses, Macroeconometrics and Microeconometrics. She also taught courses at Drew University, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and Helwan University. Among the course she has taught at the three universities are Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Economic Fluctuations, Money and Banking, and Intermediate Macro.

Her current research program includes five streams of research suitable for peer-review: (1) explorations of the impact of governance and economic freedom on economic growth; (2) explorations of development in developing countries; (3) examinations of monetary and financial issues; (4) papers related to predictions and forecasting; and (5) co-authored microeconomics papers in which she supplied the econometrics part.