Focus areas: Financial and regulatory policy, Japanese economy and finance

Nobuchika Mori is a senior research scholar and an adjunct professor in the areas of financial regulatory policy, the Japanese economy and Japanese financial policy.

Mori served for the past three years as the commissioner of Japan’s Financial Services Agency (JFSA), which oversees Japanese banks and holds broad responsibility for financial regulatory and policy issues. Before becoming the chief administrator of JFSA, he spent more than 30 years in senior positions at that agency and Japan’s Ministry of Finance, as well as Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Mori holds a BA degree in liberal arts from Tokyo University and BA and MA degrees in economics from Cambridge University.

Research & Publications

May 2018|Financial Times|Nobuchika Mori

A holistic approach to future-proofing the financial system

December 2017|Financial Times|Nobuchika Mori

Too much medicine could make the system sicker