Murillo de Aragão is the founder and CEO of Arko Advice Pesquisas Ltda., one of the most prestigious political analysis firms in Brazil and South America. He is a professor, journalist, lawyer and political scientist with an international reputation.

He is also president of the Brazilian Institute of Legislative Law (Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Legislativo) . Since 2017 to 2019 he has served as president of the Council for Social Communication Affairs of the Brazilian National Congress, the highest Legislative body of the nation.

He is a regular op-ed columnist for O Estado de São Paulo newspaper and IstoÉ magazine, both of which are influential publications in Brazilian society. A lecturer with broad international experience, he was also a professor at the University of Brasília.

Dr. Aragão wrote two books on political matters and co-authored several others. Dr. Aragao is an Adjunct-Professor at Columbia University (New York) since 2018.