Muhammad Asali’s research and teaching interests include applied microeconomics, statistics, econometrics, time series econometrics, and labor economics. Asali is an Associate Professor of Economics and the Academic Director of the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University in Tbilisi, Georgia. At SIPA he is the professor for the MPA in Ecnomic Policy Management (MPA-EPM) program's Mathematics for Economists. 

Asali received his BA in Accounting and Economics and his MA in Economics, all with distinction and honors, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He received his PhD in Economics from Columbia University in 2008.

Muhammad Asali previously held teaching positions and visiting professorships at Columbia University, at New York University, and at Union College, New York. His work has appeared in the Southern Economic Journal, International Journal of Manpower, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, and Defence and Peace Economics, among others.