Bruce Wolfson is Partner and General Counsel at The Rohatyn Group, an asset management firm specializing in emerging markets. The Rohatyn Group is interested in most of the principal emerging markets of Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.

Wolfson has been involved with financing and restructuring emerging market debt for almost 30 years. Prior to joining The Rohatyn Group in 2004, he was a Senior Managing Director in the Legal Department at Bear Stearns & Co. Inc., responsible for all legal work relating to trading, sales, capital markets and investment banking activities in the developing world.

Wolfson began his career in 1977 in a private law firm in Chicago. He then spent six years at Bank of America, serving as resident legal counsel in Mexico from the announcement of Mexico's debt moratorium in August 1982 through the conclusion of the second round of public sector debt restructuring in April 1986.

Wolfson has advised regulators in the emerging markets of Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe concerning their foreign investment rules.

Wolfson has a BA in Economics and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania. He has served as a member of the advisory board of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law. He has taught a SIPA course on emerging market capital flows for several years and is a frequent lecturer at colleges and graduate schools and a participant in trade association committees on issues affecting the emerging markets such as legal and regulatory reform, development of new financial instruments and free trade agreements.

Wolfson served as the first chair of the documentation committee of EMTA, the trade association of the emerging market capital markets, which developed standard trading documentation. Wolfson has served as a Member of EMTA's Board of Directors since 1994.