One of the integral functions of the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA is supporting and facilitating co-curricular activities and opportunities. The resources on this page will acquaint you with extracurricular activities and services that will enhance your life on campus. A vibrant array of student groups organize programming on a variety of issues in international and public affairs, along with social events and community service. Learn about SIPA networking resources, publications, and campus services that will add value to your graduate school experience.

The Columbia University Puerto Rico Initiative was founded in January 2018 by a group of SIPA students concerned about the lack of attention given to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in September 2017. The group saw a need to use its policy expertise and the resource of Columbia University to positively impact the situation on the island. The diverse group of students who traveled to Puerto Rico to aid in the recovery emerged with a sense not only that the university and federal government must lend a greater hand, but that the residents of the commonwealth should be empowered to design and lead their own recovery.
The mission of SIPA RPCVs is to unite a network of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers at SIPA who share a common experience, to provide networking and professional opportunities for students, and to inform the personal and professional development of our members, including those who are recently transitioning from overseas posts. Members of SIPA RPCVs are also committed to Peace Corps' third goal: "To strengthen America's understanding of the world and its peoples" by sharing their experiences with both the SIPA and greater NYC communities. SIPA RPCVs also provides opportunities to continue to volunteer in the local community, raises awareness about...
The mission of RISE is to create a safe environment for students to engage, in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity, in co-learning, discussions, and activities towards solutions to diverse problems of social inequality, such as wealth and income inequality, poverty and racial, gender and economic disparities.
The SIPA Consulting Club (SCC) seeks to provide SIPA and other Columbia graduate students who have a career interest in management and development consulting with the tools necessary to build their professional network and to be competitive in the industry. In the past, our events have included alumni panels, consulting boot camps, educational workshops, mock interviews, casing Fridays, and case competitions in collaboration with consulting firms. Go To Website
SEA is a student-run organization dedicated to building relationships among SIPA students and energy sector practitioners in the field. In tandem with industry leaders, SEA further endeavors to educate SIPA students about professional opportunities in energy and to foster information-sharing that complements SIPA's curriculum in Energy and Environment. SEA's diverse membership brings a variety of professional backgrounds to the organization. Its student members are enrolled in a number of Columbia University programs and SIPA concentrations, including energy, finance, environmental policy, development, sustainability and security. SEA's members aspire to careers in fields that will directly impact the world's energy future.
ECO STRIVES TO: 1. Develop a community of practice for SIPA students interested in environmental policy 2. Foster a better understanding of and relationships with organizations that employ environmental policy students in NYC and beyond. 3. Enhance members’ skills and expertise in environmental policy through practical workshops 4. Engage in environmental activism and advocacy on campus
The SIPA Finance Society is a student-led organization at the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University, created to give students interested in finance a venue for interacting, learning, mentoring and socializing. The club's objectives are to educate our members about the financial services industry, to help them gain practical experience, and to make them part of a strong social and professional network.
"Follies is a night of creativity and laughter on stage at the end of the school year, where students write, produce and act in skits, songs and videos poking fun at their SIPA experience. If you want to cement your place in SIPA history, Follies is the place to be IAB-famous. If you're frustrated with how things are at SIPA and your inability to ever leave Lehman Library, and would like to channel that creatively in the form of funny skits/videos, song, or dance, then Follies is your stage to do it! For those less stage inclined, we would also love for you to join our close-knit crew and help with tech, backstage and marketing/partnerships! Our mutual interests include free food, being really poor, not understanding Econ, and making jokes about that. Your favorite SIPA deans and professors will be in attendance, and we have a tentative agreement from the guy playing World of Warcraft in the Fishbowl to leave his laptop and attend. Have questions? Contact the Mismanagers at [email protected]!"
A community of Christians at SIPA who meet to grow in faith, study God's word, and fellowship with one another.
The SIPA Israel Club is a student organization run by SIPA students as a facet of the SIPA Israel Delegation. The Delegation is an initiative pioneered in the 2014-2015 school-year bringing Columbia graduate students to Israel. We aim to bring the most international and diverse group of future leaders in order to create the highest potential for future economic and political partnerships with Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and their respective governments and businesses. Together with our donors and the Dean’s Office of the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), we hope to create a legacy of Columbia graduate student involvement with Israel to complement their graduate education.