Explore these profiles to learn more about SIPA’s impact — in diverse policy fields, in locations around the world.

MIA 16
Camille Laurente's podcast Sincerely, Hueman explores the “vivid, quirky lives of humans you should know, and their stories of spreading positivity and doing good in the modern age.”
MPA 17
The mission of this incubator is not just to grow new businesses but to empower people to rebuild their livelihoods and contribute to the growing economies of their communities.
MIA 15
Born and raised in Kosovo, Rina Lila moved to the U.S. during high school, and came to SIPA to study an MIA with a concentration in Economic and Political Development. After graduating in 2015, Rina now works in markets and securities services in the Global Engagement Management Associate Program at Citi.
MPA 12
NUUP is Mexican social enterprise started by Maria Luisa Luque’13. NUUP creates market-based solutions for smallholder farmers by facilitating information flows, and promoting transparency in agricultural value chains while enabling sector-wide collaboration.
MIA 86
Ambassador Nancy McEldowney (MIA ’86), former director of the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. State Department, discusses how SIPA helped prepare her for a successful career in diplomatic...
MPA 07
Caroline McGregor ( MPA ’07), Policy Advisor at Evolution Ltd., remembers taking a class in public management at SIPA and notes that its lessons and models are still frequently relevant to her...
Youth Climate Leaders was started by Cassia Moraes MPA-DP’15 to build the next generation of climate advocates. The organization’s mission is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from all over the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change.
MPA 15
Originally from Mexico, Rebeca Moreno Jimenez graduated in 2015 with an MPA and concentration in economic and political development. She is currently the Link Lab Manager at UNHCR Innovation in Geneva.
MPA 16
Easy Solar makes clean energy affordable to off-grid communities by distributing solar-powered devices via a rent-to-own financing structure. Enabled by data-driven consumer finance, a trusted brand built on superior customer service, and an expansive network of community-based agents going the last mile, Easy Solar is powering and empowering families and businesses across West Africa.
MPA 11
Providing just one local doctor with surgery skills impacts some 250 patients.
Olive Nsababera (MPA-DP ’16) worked with UNICEF in Amman, Jordan, to explore the drivers of refugee youth engagement in peacebuilding efforts in the Middle East and North Africa.
MPA 16
My name is Eloy Oliveira and I just finished my Masters in Public Administration at SIPA, in May 2016. I’m currently the CEO of Instituto República, a foundation based in Rio de Janeiro, aimed at...
Santiago Peña (MPA-EPM ’03) was appointed as Paraguay’s Minister of Finance in January 2015. Peña began his career at the Central Bank of Paraguay, where he worked in the Department of Open Market...
MIA 83
In 10 years at the World Bank, John Porter (IF ’82, MIA ’83) rose to become chief investment officer.