Explore these profiles to learn more about SIPA’s impact — in diverse policy fields, in locations around the world.

MPA 16
Mobis, founded by Diana Engel Gerbase MPA’16, is a nonprofit social venture devoted to spreading democratic civic education to Brazilian high schools.
MIA 99
Tina Fordham ( MIA ’99) , the managing director and chief global political analyst at Citi, worked to develop an analytical framework to help evaluate how political, social, and economic developments...
MIA 95
Eric Garcetti (MIA ’95) was elected Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013, a city where residents from more than 115 countries of origin speak more than 220 languages. He sees strength in diversity and he...
MIA 66
Dr. Susan Gitelson 's personal slogan is: “The more you give to others, the happier you are likely to become.” This led her in 1978 to found the Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson Award for Human Values in...
MIA 12
Brian Greer (MIA ’12), Princpal at Klein/Johnson Group, says his service as SIPASA’s co-president provided valuable experience that he continues to draw on in his career today .
MIA 13
Jitka Grundmanova Danini , originally from the Czech Republic, received her MIA in 2013 with a concentration in International Finance and Economic Policy. In 2013, she joined the International...
MIA 12
Maria Soledad Guilera of Buenos Aires graduated in the MIA Class of 2012 with a concentration in Urban and Social Policy and a specialization in Management. She is currently 2030 strategy advisor to...
MIA 12
Homa Hassan (MIA ’12) is a foreign affairs officer and country coordinator of foreign assistance resources for the U.S. State Department. At SIPA she concentrated in Economic and Political...
PhD Student
Hasti is an incoming first-year PhD student. She is particularly interested in sustainable water management, the study of the different parameters that result in water resource change, and the effect...
Jingdong Hua , a Chinese national, is a 2003 graduate of the Executive Master of Public Administration program. He is currently Vice President and Treasurer of The World Bank.
MPA 03
Karine Jean-Pierre MPA ’03—“Don't Lose the Idealism That You Have”
MPA 15
Eat Offbeat is not only one of the most innovative and interesting ventures out there
MPA 17
Radha Kulkarni goes over the skillset SIPA gives you.