Updated April 27, 2022

SIPA is dedicated to fostering a vibrant academic and co-curricular experience on campus while also ensuring the health and safety of our community. The below procedures are designed to facilitate the school’s compliance with Columbia University’s COVID-19 policies and guidance. The University currently is operating in the “Green” (Low Risk) Zone of the University’s Covid-19 Monitoring Plan.

  • No capacity restrictions on any events.
  • Visitors are permitted on campus and are required to follow the visitor policy. All attendees must have proof of vaccination and be registered with SIPA. All visitors must be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination as part of visitor attestation.
  • Masking. Based on the current situation and in an abundance of caution, non-cloth masks will be required in classrooms only beginning Monday morning April 11, 2022. Masking at non-classroom gatherings and events, especially indoors, is encouraged but not required.
  • Eating/drinking onsite (indoors or outdoors) is allowed at non-classroom gatherings and events.
  • Off-campus events and gatherings sponsored by Columbia are subject to the same policies and guidance as those on campus, and CUID attendees (students, faculty, and staff) must be compliant with the Columbia Community Health Compact.


All visitors who do not hold valid CUID cards must be registered through SIPA using the forms below. Non-affiliates will be required to show proof of vaccination.

I. Visitors to Classrooms

For non-affiliate visitors to classrooms, please register your visitors via this form as early as possible, but no less than five business days prior to the proposed class visit date. Questions can be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs ([email protected]).

II. Visitors at Gatherings & Events

For events and gatherings (both on and off-campus) including any number of non-affiliate visitors (such as speakers, panelists, and attendees), please register your visitors via this form as early as possible. For large-scale events, please submit the form within 2 weeks of your proposed event date. Questions can be directed to SIPA Events ([email protected]).

Note: Event organizers/instructors are responsible for communicating in advance to visitors all Columbia public health and safety protocols and checking proof of vaccination of visitors prior to accessing events and gatherings on and off-campus.


Student groups should continue using Campus Groups to submit their event proposals, including events with non-CU affiliates, for approval by the Office of Student Affairs.

For questions, please contact [email protected]