Support Staff are paid on a bi-weekly basis are expected to report their hours worked and absences taken each pay period. This information is entered and submitted electronically through the Time & Labor and Absence Management (TLAM) system, accessed via the MyColumbia portal.

Completion of time sheets is a legal requirement of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Absence Management

Absence Management is a paid time off tracking system that is integrated with the University’s Human Resources system, PAC. Some of the features available in this new time off system include:

  • Absence Forecasting Tool – use this tool to forecast future vacation and personal day absences to determine if you have enough available time to take the absence.
  • Additional Absence Balance Views – when entering a vacation or personal day request, you will see three balance amounts. If the projected balance is negative, it will be highlighted in red on the Request Absence page:
  1. Current Balance: as of the last date Absence finalized for the employee (date is displayed).
  2. Balance Through this Request: balance through the request date and includes submitted or approved absences through current request
  3. Balance at 06/30/YEAR: the balance through the end of the Fiscal Year