Managers or Approvers can view, approve and/or enter time and absence information for their direct reports from a single location by using the Manager WorkCenter dashboard. See below the following guidelines on how to use the TLAM system, the training available to you, and other related information. 

Time & Labor

  • The Time & Labor module will replace the bi-weekly excel timesheets that are currently being used by support staff, part-time hourly officers, and student hourly casual employees.
  • Time Reporters will enter their time into the electronic timesheet and no longer use excel timesheets. Time Reporters (Support Staff & Hourly Officers) will also begin to use PAC to request time off (vacation, sick leave, etc.).
  • Managers or Approvers (Time Approvers) will approve timesheets electronically.
  • FY23 Bi-Weekly PAC Timesheet Processing Schedule

Absence Management

  • The Absence Management module is a paid time off tracking system that is integrated with the University’s Human Resources system, PAC. Absence Management will replace Monthly officer tracking sheets.
  • Absence Reporters will enter their absence requests into TLAM and no longer use excel tracking sheets.
  • Manager WorkCenter – is a dashboard for managers or approvers to review and approve absences and timesheets for their direct reports from a single location. Managers or Approvers can access reports related to Time and Absence information for their direct reports.
  • FY23 Semi-Monthly Absence Processing Schedule
  • PAC Absence Management FAQs for Officer Employees
  • PAC Mnaging Time and Absence: This course contains a video which walks managers or approvers through how to manage absence requests and timesheets through PAC Time and Absence. You will be asked to sign in with your UNI and password. Once on the page, simply click the blue "Enroll" or "View Summary" button to begin.


Management Delegation

Prior to the processing schedule deadlines, managers or approvers may temporarily delegate their time and absence approver role to another manager or approver in their department. Please contact SIPA HR to discuss further.