Applicants are subject to the same deadlines, fees, and policies as first-time applicants. Review the Application Checklist for details on all application requirements, including essay prompts. Application materials from all programs are kept on file for two years. Some documents may be reused, but all applicants are highly encouraged to submit new, updated materials. If you would like to reuse any of your materials, please email our office at [email protected] informing us of which of these materials you plan to reuse. 

*Note: If you applied before 2014, create a new account and complete the online application form. You will not be able to log into your old account and “renew” your old application. If you applied to Fall 2014 and after, please log into your account and enter your password. Do not create another account.  Select a term and program you wish to apply. 

Re-applicants are required to submit the following items:

  • Transcripts of any college or university level work undertaken since your last application should be submitted.
  • Upload an updated C.V./Résumé.
  • Test scores are self-reported in the application process. If you have taken any new tests since you last applied, self-report the new scores on your application. 
  • Essays must be uploaded to the application system. 
    1. You may submit your original Personal Statement (Essay 1), but an updated version is recommended for reapplicants.
    2. If your program requires the Short Essay (Essay 2), you must submit the essay that coincides with the term you're applying to.
    3. All reapplicants must submit the Reapplicant Essay (Essay 3), 400 words maximum: How have you enhanced your candidacy since your previous application? Please detail your progress since you last applied, and address how you plan to achieve your post-MIA/MPA and long-term professional goals.
    4. You may submit the Optional Essay (Essay 4).
    5. For the MIA/MPA applications, the Video Essay/Response is required. This is only available after you submit your application and pay the application fee.