Summer 2020- N/A Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Total

Direct Costs

Tuition   29,802 29,802 59,604
Medical Insurance (may be waived by domestic students)   1,400 2,276 3,676
Health Service Fee   610 610 1,220
SIPA IT/AV Fee   110 110 220
University Facilities Fee   261 261 522
Student Activity Fee - will not be charged for fall 20/spring 21   0 0 0
Document Fee   105 0 105
Total Direct Costs (charged by Columbia University)   32,288 33,059 65,347

ESTIMATED Indirect Costs

Room/Board   9,200 9,200 18,400
Books   500 500 1,000
Personal Expenses   1,792 1,792 3,584
Transportation   508 508 1,016
Total Estimated Indirect Costs   12,000 12,000 24,000


  44,288 45,059 89,347 *

Additional Notes

  • The figures above for Direct Costs are accurate as of December 9, 2020.
  • * Please note that the 2020 MPA-EPM cohort will be starting in the fall term instead of the summer, and students will attend fall 2020, spring 2021, and summer 2021.  Summer 2021 is part of the 2021-2022 academic year, and costs for that year are not yet available.  Any MPA-EPM student who needs to provide an estimate of full program costs for a sponsoring agency may contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  • All students' first semester of enrollment at Columbia University will be charged a $105 Document Fee (formerly known as Transcript Fee).
  • International students must pay:
    • medical insurance
    • $110 per semester International Students Fee
    • $103 I-20 fee only during their first semester of enrollment
  • Total Estimated Cost of Attendance includes both direct and indirect costs.
    • Direct costs are those charged by Columbia University. The tuition and fees indicated above are for the stated year only. All tuition and fees assume full-time attendance; your costs may vary if you do not enroll full-time.  Additional tuition charges for enrollment in excess of 19 credits in a semester are $2,490 per credit.  For information on billing and payments, please visit the University's Student Financial Services website.
    • Indirect costs are not billed by Columbia and reflect estimated living and miscellaneous expenses incurred by students for the academic year; yours may vary.  NOTE: Some figures for indirect costs, such as room/board, personal expenses and transportation, incorporate monthly expenditures. These have been adjusted from the original figures to reflect the University’s adjustment of the academic calendar for the spring semester from five months (January through May) to four months, as that term will end in April.   
    • Figures above do not include the costs of relocating to New York, if applicable.