Many SIPA students receive aid from outside sources such as charitable or professional organizations, their employers, philanthropic groups, or government agencies. This section includes a comprehensive searchable database of such resources and links to scholarship search engines.

We monitor and update this section regularly.  Please be aware that during the pandemic some organizations may have changed their philanthropic plans.  We kindly request that if you come across any error or discover that funding is no longer available from a source on this site, please notify us at [email protected] so that we can update the information accordingly.

We encourage students to seek external sources of funding, but we also want you to be aware that there are scams in this space.  Be suspicious of scholarships that request personally identifiable information up front, credit card or bank account numbers, application sites that are poorly written, providers that conspicuously ask for social media likes or shares, those that appear to be idea harvesting or soliciting your intellectual property, or unrelated commercial enterprises that may just be collecting email addresses to sell.  We make every attempt to include only what we believe to be legitimate scholarship providers in our database; if you have any concerns about any you find here or elsewhere and would like guidance, please contact us.

The Veterans United Foundation Scholarship, which launched in 2012, provides opportunities for family members of U.S. service members to achieve their educational dreams. The scholarship is fully funded by contributions from Veterans United Home Loans and its employees. Eligibility Requirements: A surviving spouse or child of a deceased service member of a deceased Veteran of the U.S. Military Pursuing an associate's, bachelor's, graduate, post-graduate or doctoral degree Comfortable sharing personal stories and aspirations with Veterans United Foundation Submit the FAFSA
The Horace Smith Fund was established in 1989 to help students finance their education and is only available to graduates of Hamden County, MA secondary schools. Fellowship applicants must be residents of Hampden County, MA or qualified former residents. The Walter S. Barr Fellowship is for students pursuing a specific post-graduate degree. If that degree program requires more than one year of full time study, the award can be renewed for as many as two additional years, if warranted. Consideration will be given to both the merit and financial need of the applicant.
Wellesley College offers a number of fellowships for graduate study or research that are open to graduating seniors and Wellesley alumnae. Awards are usually made to applicants currently enrolled in or applying to graduate school for the following year. Preference in almost all cases will be given to applicants who have not held one of these awards previously. Decisions will be based on merit and need, with the exception of the Trustee awards, which are determined on merit alone. Awards are for study at institutions other than Wellesley College and are open to all nationalities. A common application can be...
The Zeta Phi Beta sorority's National Education Foundation offers a number of scholarships and fellowships to both members and non-members. Eligibility criteria and award amounts vary, and some are available to international students.