The Columbia Doctoral Program in Sustainable Development is housed at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). The first year of the doctoral program is taken with the first year PhD students in Department of Economics at Columbia University, along with a course in environmental science. Coursework in the later years is tailored to the student's reseach area, typically advanced graduate courses from departments in social and natural sciences, and engineering. Students also benefit from being part of the Earth Institute's research and practice programs that focus on sustainable development.

Placement Administrators:

Placement Director: Kiki Pop-Eleches
[email protected]

Program Director: John C Mutter
[email protected]

Economics Adviser: Suresh Naidu
[email protected]

Placement Assistant: Tomara Aldrich 
[email protected]

The Sustainable Development Program is proud to share information on our 2021-2022 Job Market Candidates. 

2021/2022 job market placements

Matt Harrington
E-Mail * CV
Primary Fields: Water Sustainability, Data Science, Machine Learning
Letter Writers: Upmanu LallPepe (Jose) Olea

Charles Taylor
E-Mail * CV
Primary fields: Environmental economics; Secondary fields: Health economics, Agricultural economics
Job Market Paper: "Cicadian Rhythm: Insecticides, Infant Health and Long-term Outcomes"
Letter Writers: Wolfram Schlenker, Doug Almond, and Geoffrey Heal

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