About The Program

Pathways to Politics” is a program designed to support professional, accomplished women from diverse backgrounds interested in exploring careers in public policy and politics, including running for office in New York.  In this 2 1/2 day program, students will have the opportunity to sharpen relevant leadership skills, including policy development, communications and fundraising. Students will also be exposed to the basic concepts and mechanics behind running for office in New York, and will engage with leading practitioners, elected officials and gatekeepers to the political process, all of which research indicates may make a major impact on encouraging women to run for office. 


On January 9-11th, 2020, this leadership development course will give students an opportunity to build confidence by sharpening skills relevant to political engagement, including fundraising, message development, media training and more. 

This course is open to all with a clear interest in pursuing a career path to politics and public policy. Students with a history of significant achievements in other career paths, academic disciplines and volunteer engagement will find this training particularly valuable, as previous experience in politics is not assumed or required.



  • Review core concepts related to public policy and political campaigns
  • Engage in dialogue with leading practitioners and scholars around policy and leadership
  • Sharpen critical skills such as fundraising, working with the media, and leading a team
  • Build relationships with mentors in the New York political and policy community 
  • Grow a network of high achieving peers with an interest in making a difference for women through public service
  • Develop new tools to expand career paths and deepen engagement in activism and community leadership, including running for public office


Professional Benefits

  • Earn a Columbia University awarded Certificate of Participation
  • Participate in a highly customized program responsive to the latest research regarding women and running for public office
  • Refine skills necessary to be an effective leader
  • Learn the basic mechanics of running for public office in New York 
  • Develop a lasting network of professionals committed to gender equity and the advancement of women


Schedule and Details 

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