About The Program

SIPA has supported the educational programs of the School of Finance, Government and International Relations of the Universidad Externado de Colombia through various seminars and short courses. As part of this partnership, SIPA faculty teach in the different graduate programs offered in Bogotá. Professors from the Institute of Political Science (Science Po) in Paris also participate in this program.


The core of the SIPA-Externado partnership is the shared teaching of a series of Master’s degree and specialization programs at the Externado campus in Bogota, Colombia.  SIPA and Externado jointly developed the curriculum for a number of different but related management, finance and international affairs programs and jointly select faculty and topics for the classes. Externado awards the degrees and specializations. SIPA awards a certificate of participation to each graduate. SIPA provides the faculty and curriculum for about twelve sessions each year on site at Externado.  Columbia University faculty who have taught in the program include:  Lisa Anderson, Francisco Rivera-Batis, Steven Cohen, Peter Danchin, Hans Decker, Rudolfo de la Garza, Bill Eimicke, Nelson Fraiman, Arvid Lukauskas, Katherine Morgan, Jose Ocampo, Jack Synder, and Xiabo Lu.