Through the generous support of the Lemann Foundation, Brava Foundation, and other funders, the Picker Center Digital Education Group produces audiovisual case studies on public sector innovation, filmed on location around the world. 

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Students in Capstone/Case project receive training

All cases combine traditional written case studies, along with video introductions and additional interviews. Filmed on location in the USA, Brazil, India, Congo, Ghana and other locations, these cases bring to life pressing issues in public management, including the use of digital technology in government, sustainability, city management and data driven management techniques.

Film and case research teams combine the talents and expertize of award-winning PBS filmmakers and SIPA students. In 2018, with the generous support of the Provost’s office for Online Learning the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), SIPA initiated a Capstone/Case Study project, with student teams producing original filmed cases in Costa Rica and Peru.

All cases are available for SIPA and Picker Center Executive education students on our exclusive online case platform, and include teaching notes, original documents and other materials. Full access to the case collection is available to SIPA students with UNIs at Case Collection on CanvasOutside SIPA partners, please request access to the full collection though Case Inquiries. Please click on links below for short preview videos for some of the cases in our collection:

Case Collection on Canvas