Columbia University’s SIPA offers both MIA and MPA students the opportunity to study in Singapore at the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) in the second year of study, where upon graduation they will earn Master's degrees from both SIPA and the LKYSPP in the same amount of time it takes to earn one degree.

This program is ideal for those students interested in finishing their course of study in Singapore, thus obtaining a world class education from two different regions of the world. They also benefit by maximizing their career opportunities in the region upon graduation, through the combined alumni networks of both programs and by being physically based in Singapore in their final year.

The dual degree candidate will profit from the extensive resources available at Columbia in New York City, as well as being strategically situated in a vital economic hub of Asia. The small and intimate nature of the LKYSPP Public Policy program, with approximately 70 students, offers a complementary academic experience that will enable the student to better get to know fellow classmates and faculty and create long lasting friendships.

Lee Kuan Yew MPA/MPP Core Mapping Requirements

We encourage you to use the core mapping below as a reference tool to determine which LKY courses can be used to meet SIPA requirements.

SIPA Core -MPA SIPA Courses Equivalent Courses

U4200 Economics
U6400 Economic Analysis

PP5403 Economic Foundations for Public Policy


U4201 Economics
U6401 Economic Analysis

PP5401 Policy Challenges
Politics of Policy Making PUAF U6110 / U6113 Politics of Policymaking
  • PP5402 Policy Process and Institutions
  • PP5405 Politics and Public Administration
  • PP5409 Foundations in Public Policy
Quantitative Analysis U6500 Quantitative Analysis
  • PP5406 Quantitative Research Methods for Public Policy I
  • PP5407 Quantitative Research Methods for Public Policy II   

(Note: If BOTH courses are taken this also meets the SIPAU6501 Quantitative Analysis II requirement)

Management For a list of SIPA courses which satisfy the Management requirement, please refer to the MPA Curriculum Overview Page. Any Public Management and Leadership elective
Financial Management For a list of SIPA courses which satisfy the Financial Management requirement, please refer to the MPA Curriculum Overview Page. PP5274 Financial Management for Policy Makers
Interstate Relations  

Any Politics and International Relations Specialization elective

Professional Development U4040 Professional Development None


Students are required to complete the core curriculum of their home institution in their first year and then complete the curricular requriements of the partner institution in their second year. 

Please click below for an overview of core and specialization requirements at each school. Also included below is a core mapping document for students who will complete their first year at LKY. This document list which LKY courses have been approved to satisfy SIPA core requirements within the dual degree program structure.



SIPA Concentrations and Specializations


Core and Specialization

Note: Specializations are not compulsory in the LKY MPP dual program.

Tuition and Fees 

Students pay the tuition and fees at the school where they are in residence (i.e. if you are attending LKYSPP, you will pay LKYSPP tuition and fees, and similarly at SIPA). Students who begin at LKYSPP will be enrolled in Columbia University health insurance or have comparable insurance coverage when they are at Columbia during their second year.

LKY Fees