Columbia’s SIPA and the FGV-EAESP have come together to offer a dual degree program for graduate students interested in studying public policy and business from an international perspective. The Schools have designed a unified two-year curriculum which draws on the strengths, cultures and traditions of both Schools. Students will complete the SIPA core curriculum in public policy in New York during their first year of study, developing analytical skills in economics, statistics, and political systems, and gaining an overview of public and non-profit management. The group will then move as a cohort to FGV-EAESP in São Paolo for a second year of study during which they can choose from a wide array of public policy and business fields to develop a specialization. The graduates of this program are expected to leave with strong analytical and managerial skills, deep policy knowledge, and academic credentials from leading institutions on two continents.

FGV-EAESP, one of the leading academic institutions in Latin America and created by the Fundação Getulio Vargas, is widely recognized as the leading business and public management school in Brazil and is one of the principal Brazilian centers of teaching, research, publication and consulting in its field, with undergraduate, graduate, executive, and dual-degree programs.

The language of instruction at FGV is English and Portuguese. Tuition is paid to the school where the students reside.

Qualified candidates will be talented bilingual or multilingual professionals, with academic training in the analytical skills of the social sciences and a focus on business administration, international affairs or public policy. It is anticipated that graduates will work in public, private or non-profit institutions, or that they will pursue careers in multilateral governmental organizations, international NGOs or multinational corporations.

All students will spend the first year in New York at SIPA, acquiring core skills developing their Management, Accounting, Economics, and Statistics knowledge, and their second year in São Paulo at FGV-EAESP, where they will be able to gain in-depth specialization.

To apply, please do so through the SIPA admissions online application process.

Note: All students participating in this program must complete at least 30 credits while in residence at SIPA and graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.





Interstate Relations

Select from a menu of courses that fulfills this requirement.

Corporate Governance & Corporate Misconduct

Transnational Governance: the rules of the game 

Global Shifts and Geo-Economics in the 21st 

International Economics for Emerging Markets 

BRIC and the International Economy

Political Strategies of Multinational Companies 

Management in the next Business Frontier: Africa and Asia in the 21st Century 

Strategy in International Perspective


For a list of SIPA courses that satisfy the Management requirement please refer to the MPA/MIA Curriculum Overview Page

Management of Technology and Innovations

Global Management Practice

Global Leadership

Financial Management

For a list of SIPA courses that satisfy the Financial Management requirement please refer to the MPA/MIA Curriculum Overview Page

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Quantitative Analysis

U6500 Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Methods Applied to Public Administration



Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Students pay the tuition and fees at the school where they are in residence. Dual Degree students will pay SIPA tuition and fees in their first year, and FGV tuition and fees in their second. Students must be enrolled in Columbia University health insurance or have comparable insurance coverage when they are at Columbia during their first year.

Students needing U.S. federal student aid for both years should contact SIPA Financial Aid to begin the process. 

Columbia SIPA
FGV: varies depending on the program

Through the generous gift of Jorge Paulo Lemann, students admitted into this program have the opportunity to receive dedicated funding.

Further information

More information on the the two program tracks at FGV can be found in the following links:

Mestrado Profissional em Gestão Internacional (MPGI) - Master in International Management
Mestrado Profissional em Gestão e Políticas Públicas (MPGPP) - Master in Management and Public Policy