Selected Student Publications, Student/Faculty Co-Authored Publications, Grants and Awards, Fellowships, Conference Presentations, Dissertation Titles, and MA Thesis Titles 

selcected Student Publications

Bressler, Danny. "The Mortality Cost of Carbon." Nature Communications, 29, July 2021.

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selected Student/Columbia Faculty Co-Authored Publications

Wilson, AndrewJ, and Ben Orlove.(2021).“Climate urgency: evidence of its effects on decision making in the laboratory and the field.” Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.

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selected Grants and Awards

  • Center for Development Economics Fellow, Alice Tianbo Zhang, 2018.
  • Center for Development Economics Student Research Grant Program, Florian Grosset, 2018.
  • Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) Award, Alice Tianbo Zhang, 2017.
  • International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) program of the German Bundestag (Parliament), Jason Wong, 2017/2018.
  • Earth Institure Travel Grant, Raimundo Atal, 2017 and 2018; Hyae Ryung Kim, 2019.
  • Dr. Clyde Wu Fellowship for commitment to health, well-being and public policy issues, Sandra Aguilar Gomez, 2017; Jesse McDevitt-Irwin, 2019.
  • CDEP Student Research Grant Program, Jason Wong, 2016.
  • Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Studenet, Jason Wong, 2017.
  • Lead Teaching Fellow Program, Jason Wong, 2015/2016; Ana Varela, 2016/2017; Joséphine Gantois, 2017/2018; Carolyn Hayek, 2018/2019; Sandra Aguilar 2019/2020.
  • The Center for Science and Society Seed Grants, Jason Wong, 2016
  • Ernst-Meyer Dissertation Prize, Tse-Ling Teh, 2015
  • Volvo Research and Education Foundations Travel Grant, Kayleigh Campbell, 2015.
  • ISERP seed grant award for the project, "Air Quality, Socio-economic Status and Policy: A Nairobi Case Study." Nicole Ngo along with Pat Kinney and Jackie Klopp
  • NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Best Publication Award, 2008
  • Peccei Award for outstanding research - conferred by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
  • Alliance Doctoral Mobility Program Fellow, Columbia University – Ecole Polytechnique, France
  • Giorgio Ruffolo Fellowships in Sustainability Science, Harvard University
  • BASIS Assets and Market Innovation Lab Seed Grant, A Quasi-experimental Study of a Discontinued Index Insurance Program
  • Columbia University's Center for International Business Education and Research, Business Model for a Microfinance-based Community Health Worker Program
  • Grand Challenges Canada Rising Stars in Global Health, A Microfinance-based Community Health Worker Program

Student Fellowships

  • Bloomberg Data for Good PhD Fellowship, Matt Harrington, 2019.
  • Global Priorities Fellow with the Forethought Foundation, R. Daniel Bressler, 2019.
  • J-PAL Research Transparency Fellowship, Florian Grosset, 2018
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics, Mellon Interdisciplinary FellowEugenie Dugoua, 2016.
  • USDOT Federal Highway Commision Eisenhower Graduate FellowshipKayleigh Campbell, 2015
  • Columbia Global Policy Initiative Fellowships, Eyal Frank, Anthony D'Agostino, and Eugenie Dugoua, 2015
  • Environmental Protection Agency - Science to Achieve Results (STAR)
  • Government of Japan
  • MSST
  • National Science Foundation Interdisciplinary Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)
  • Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship
  • U.S. Department of Education - Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship program


selected Student Conference Presentations

Josephine Gantois. “Monitoring Shifts in Flowering Phenology Using Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning." American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, December 2019.

Florian Grosset. "Working under Pressure: Improving Labor Productivity through Financial Innovation." TanyVao, Ivory Coast, July 2019.

R Daniel Bressler: " Dynamic Integrated Assessment of Climate and the Economy with an Endogenous Mortality Response." Effective Altruism Global, San Francisco, June 2019.

Xueting Wang: "Switching cost and deregulation in retail electricity market." Georgetown Center for Economic Research Biennial Conference, May 2019.

Tim Foreman: "Environmental Destruction and Econmomic Outcomes: Evidence from Dust Storms." International Workshop on Sand/Dust Storms and Associated Dustfall, May 2018.

Mehdi  Benatiya Andaloussi: "The Environmental and Distributional Consequences of Emissions Markets: Evidence from the Clean Air Interstate Rule." Western Economic Association International Conference, November, 2017.

Alice Tianbo Zhang: "Within but Without: Involuntary Displacement and Economic Development" Presented at the Heartland Environmental & Resource Economics Workshop, October, 2017

Jaehyun Jung: "Risk Compensation" When Mass Male Circumcision Fails to Prevent HIV and HSV-2 Infections." Presented at International Health Economics Association (iHEA) Biennial World Congress, July 2017.

Anthony D'Agostino: "Technical Change and Gender Wage Inequality: Long-Run Effects of India's Green Revolution." Presented at Pacific Conference for Development Economics, March 2017.

Kayleigh Bierman Campbell: "How Bike-Sharing Impacts Bus Ridership in New York City." Presented at Western Economic Association International (WEAI) conference, June/July 2016.

Eyal Frank: "Declining Bat Populations, Increased Insecticides Use, and Fetal Health." Presented at Assocation of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) session, as part of the Western Economic Association International (WEAI) conference, June/July 2016.

Pablo Egaña del Sol: "Affective Neuroscience Meets Labor Economics: Assessing Non-Cognitive Skills on Late Stage Investment on At-Risk Youth." Presented at the 6th Interdisciplinary Symposium On Decision Neuroscience, Philidelphia, PA -- June 2016.

Denyse Dookie: "Rain, Rain, Go Away...or at Least Not Too Much Rain on a Monday: Understanding and Improving Disaster Preparedness in the Caribbean." Presented at The Regional Climate Outlook Forum, IRI Disaster Risk Management Session, Roseau, Dominica -- May 2016.

Aaron Baum: "The impact of reduced access to care on chronic disease outcomes: evidence from a natural experiment." Presented at Society of General Internal Medicine's Annual Conference, Hollywood, CA -- May 2016.

Kimberly Lai Oremus: "New England Cod Collapse and Climate." Presented at AGU Oceans Research Conference, New Orleans, LA -- February 2016.

Kayleigh Campbell: "Measuring and Visualizing Accessibility in Nairobi." Presented at The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Conference, Houston, TX -- October 2015.

Eyal Frank: "Farmers, Bats, and Pesticides Use: Using White Nose Syndrome To Learn About The Beneficial Spillover Effects of Bats on Farmers." Presented at the NBER  2015 Summer Institute, Energy and Environmental Economics Workshop, Egg Timer Presentations. 

Francis Annan: "Federal Crop Insurance and the Disincentive to Adapt to Extreme Heat: Theory and Evidence" Presented at the American Economic Association 2015 Meeting, Boston MA Jan 3-5.

Anthony D'Agostina: "Moist Static Energy as an Indicator of South Asian Summer Monsoon Dynamics." Presented at the American Geophysical Union's 2014 Fall Meeting

James Rising: "Insights from Multi-Level Fisheries Management".  Presented at the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference in Tokyo-- January, 2013.

full list of Dissertation Titles

Sandra Aguilar (2021): Essays in Health, Development and the Environment
Sponsor: Rodrigo Soares

Raimundo Atal (2021): Essays in Environment and Energy Economics
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Sandra Baquié (2021): Human Environment Interactions: Microbes, Forests, & Climate
Sponsor: Rodrigo Soares

Zhihan Cui (2021): Behavioral Decision Making for Sustainable Development
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Joséphine Gantois (2021): All Things Plants: An Ecosystem View of Sustainable Development
Sponsor: Jeff Shrader

Xueting (Sherry) Wang (2021): Essays in Energy Economics and Industrial Organization
Sponsors: Geoff Heal and Igancia Mercadal

Ruiwen Lee (2020): Essays on the Regulation and Remote Sensing of Natural Gas Flaring
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Anouch Missirian (2020): Space matters: Quantifying ecosystem-mediated externalities
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker

Ana Varela Varela (2020): Floods and Inequality: Implications for Sustainable Development
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker

Mehdi Benatiya Andaloussi (2019): Clearing the Air: Essays on the Economics of Air Pollution
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker

Denyse Dookie (2019): Essays on Using Climate Information for Disaster and Climate Risk Management
Sponsor: Daniel Osgood

Timothy Foreman (2019): Essays on the Economics of Environmental Change
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker

Jason Chun Yu Wong (2019): Essays on Aviation and Sustainable Development
Sponsor: Scott Barrett

Alice Tianbo Zhang (2019): When Nature Meets Human Nature: Essays on the Social Impacts of Energy Infrastructure and Environmental Policy
Sponsors: Wolfram Schlenker and Rodrigo Soares

Annan, Francis (2018): Economics of Contracts and Risks
Sponsor: Bernard Salanié

Dugoua, Eugenie (2018): Essays on the Economics of Technological Change and the Environment
Sponsor: Scott Barrett

Jung, Jaehyun (2018): Three Essays on Development and Health Economics
Sponsors: Cristian Pop-Eleches and Doug Almond

Campbell, Kayleigh B (2017): Essays on Sustainable Transportation: Considering Multiple Modes and Land Use
Sponsor: Elliot Sclar

D'Agostino, Anthony (2017): Essays in Climate and Development Economics
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker and Supreet Kaur

Frank, Eyal (2017): Economic Outcomes and Market Dynamics of Biodiversity Losses, 2017 recipient of the Wallace E. Oates Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker

Lai Oremus, Kimberly (2017): Here's the Catch: Fisheries and Fishery Management under Climate Variability
Sponsor: Mark Cane and Wolfram Schlenker

Liu, Ruinan (2017): Essays on Environment and Economic Productivity
Sponsor: Douglas Almond

Lackner, Stephanie (2017): Earthquake Ground Shaking and the Socio-Economic Impacts of Earthquakes
Sponsor: John C Mutter

McCarney, Geoff (2017): Considering the Interface of Climate and Productive Natural Resource Use
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Merte, Steffen (2017): Essays on the Economics of Climate Change
Sponsor: Scott Barrett and Douglas Martinson

Aaron Baum (2016): Essays in Health and Development Economics
Sponsor: Emily Breza

Marion Dumas (2016): Three Essays on Political Institutions and Environmental Governance
Sponsor: Michael Ting

Egaña del Sol, Pablo (2016): Skills for Sustainable Development: Essays on How to Creativity,  Entrepreneurship and Emotions Foster Human Development
Sponsor: Miguel Uriquiola

Habtamu Fuje (2016): Essays on Development Economics
Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker

Jan von der Goltz (2016): Essays in Development and Environmental Economics
Sponsor: Eric Verhoogen and Doug Almond

Xiaojie Zhang (2016): Essays on Sustainable Development and Agricultural Risk Management
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Archibong, Belinda (2015): Essays on the Impacts of Geography and Institutions on Access to Energy and Public Infrastructure Services
Sponsor: Vijay Modi

Barnwal, Prabhat (2015): Three Essays in Development and Environment
Sponsor: Cristian Pop-Eleches

James Rising (2015): Scales for Scales: An Open Look at the Open Sea
Sponsor: Upmanu Lall

Tse-Ling Teh (2015): Governing Uncertainty: Financial Policies for Risk, 2015 Ernst-Meyer Prize winner
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Yoon, Semee (2015): Essays on Development Economics and Energy Access
Sponsor: Doug Almond

Zhong, Nan (2015): Essays in Transportation Policies and Their Effects in Bejing
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Jina, Amir (2014): Economic Development in Extreme Environments
Sponsor: Doug Almond

Kim, Booyuel (2014): Essays on Education and Health in Developing Countries
Sponsor: Cristian Pop-Eleches

Orrs, Mark (2014): Visual Impairment and Sustainable Development: Demands for and Impacts of Surgical Cataract Extraction in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sponsor: Cristian Pop-Eleches

Tompsett, Anna (2014): Essays on Infrastructure and Development
Sponsor: Eric Verhoogen

Bao, Xiaojia (2013): Three Papers on Environment-Related Decision-Making and Development in China
Sponsor: Vijay Modi

Meng, Kyle (2013): Essays in the Economics and Political Economy of Climate Change
Sponsor: Bernard Salanié

Ngo, Nicole (2013): Three Essays on the Environment and Health in Urban Areas
Sponsor: Doug Almond

Anttila-Hughes, Jesse (2012): Essays on Climate Impacts and Human Capital
Sponsor: Doug Almond

Chi-Johnston, Geoff (2012): Mathematical Modeling of Malaria: Theories of Malaria Elimination
Sponsor: David Fidock

Sanoh, Aly (2012): Essays on Infrastructure Development and Public Finance
Sponosr: Vijay Modi

Saifedean Ammous (2011): Alternative Energy Science and Policy: Biofuels as a Case Study
Sponsor: Klaus Lackner

Ram Mukul Fishman (2011): Theoretical and Applied Dimensions of Natural Resource Management
Sponsor: Jeff Sachs

Solomon Hsiang (2011): Essays on the Social Impacts of Climate
Sponsor: Mark Cane

Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy (2011): Essays on Resource Management, Agriculture and Hydrologic Extremes
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Gordon McCord (2011): Essays in Malaria Ecology and Economic Development
Sponsor: Jeff Sachs

Anisa Khadem Nwachuku (2011): Critiquing Economic Frameworks in Sustainable Development:  Health Equity, Resource Management & Development Objectives
Sponsor: Robert Fullilove

Jose Carlos Orihuela (2011): Journeys toward Sustainable Development: Policy Entrepreneurs and the Rise of the Green State in Chile and Peru
Sponsor: John Coatsworth

Marta Vicarelli (2011): Essays on Climate Risks and Vulnerability-Reduction Strategies
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

Jessica Barnes (2010): Governing Flow: The Politics of Water Distribution and Use in Egypt
Sponsor: Paige West

Lily Parshall (2010): Improving Energy Policy with Spatial Decision Support Systems: Three Case Studies from Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States
Sponsor: Stephen Hammer

Margaret MacLeod (2009): Essays on Human Capital in Sustainable Development
Sponsor: Leigh Linden

Daiju Narita (2008): Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage and Climate Change Mitigation: An Economic and Policy Analysis
Sponsor: Geoff Heal

selected MA Thesis Titles

  • Integrating Inter-Annual Climate Variability Forecasts into Weather-Indexed Crop Insurance
  • Measuring the capacity of irrigation in India to buffer against inter-annual rainfall fluctuations
  • Surface temperature and economic growth in the Caribbean
  • Political Dimensions of Health Equity in Mozambique
  • Scaling Up Malaria Control in Africa: An Economic and Epidemiological Assessment
  • Effects of a Sanitary Towel Distribution Campaign on Girls' Attendance in Coast Province, Kenya
  • Agricultural Development in the United Arab Emirates: A Case Study in the Context of Sustainable Development
  • The Impact of Agricultural Shocks on Education Expenditure: Gender-Differentiated Response in Ghana
  • Economic Diversity and Coastal Communities
  • Nonlinear Impact of Temperatures on Mortality: Evidence from Monthly Weather Variations in France
  • How Does the US Market Value Greenhouse Gas Emissions?: Evidence from the Electricity Sector