Interdisciplinary Speed Talks


The Interdisciplinary Speed Talks consists of a set of graduate students or full-fledged researchers delivering very short presentations (4-5 min) on an ongoing project they’re working on, ideally one that they wish to collaborate on with people from other disciplines. This is a great way to learn about current research being done at different fields, get exposed to completely new methods, and learn about exciting new datasets.

Interdisciplinary PhD Workshop in Sustainable Development (IPWSD)

April 12-13, 2019

The IPWSD is a workshop open to students working on, or interested in issues relating to sustainable development. It is intended to provide a forum to present and discuss research in an informal setting, as well as to meet and interact with similar young researchers from other institutions. In particular, we hope to facilitate a network among students pursuing in-depth research in one or several disciplines, whether quantitative or qualitative in focus, to generate a larger interdisciplinary discussion concerning sustainable development.

Open to Admitted Applicants

Sustainable Development Research Symposium

October 19, 2019

The Sustainable Development Ph.D. Research Symposium showcases the pioneering research of the Ph.D. Program in Sustainable Development’s upper-year doctoral candidates to the wider Columbia University community and invited guests from the private sector, governments, and NGOs.  The symposium consists of a series of short presentations, followed by short question and answer sessions and a general discussion. 

By Invitation Only

Alliance Graduate Summer School in Science and Policy

May 27 - May 31, 2019

The Alliance Graduate Summer School began as a student-led initiative in 2012 in an effort to promote interdisciplinary exchanges between doctoral and high-level masters students at Alliance institutions researching the nexus of science and policy. The Summer School brings together world-class professors, industry experts, policy makers and PhD students for a week-long event that fosters an exchange of ideas, intellectual discourse, and joint-learning opportunities through a mixture of guest speakers and workshops.

Open to Admitted Applicants.