Client Capstone Advisor Semester
National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA) Reparations and Public policy: Black Youth Unemployment in Chicago Linda J. Mann Spring 2022
Bank of America Opportunities for Innovation in the Financial Services Industry using AI Elizabeth Ann Cartier, Neal Pollard Spring 2022
Barclays Public Finance Department, Town + Gown Life Cycle Cost Benefit Analysis to Support the Creation of the Smart City Infrastructure Authority in NYC Thomas Quaranta Spring 2022
BCG Platinion ESG Investment Strategies and Firm Cost of Capital Hans-Martin Boehmer Spring 2022
Booz Allen Hamilton AI and Machine Learning Algorithms: Public Policy Framework 2032 Harry Silver, Ulrike Zeilberger Spring 2022
Center for Popular Democracy Healthcare is a Human Right: Expanded Analysis of the Barriers to Access with a Race, Gender and Disability Rights Lens Kristina Eberbach Spring 2022
Citi Community Capital Improving Risk Management Tools for Financing Affordable Housing Carol O'Cleireacain Spring 2022
Crédit Agricole CIB Investment Opportunities in Hydrogen Infrastructure in Selected Countries James F. Guidera Spring 2022
Democracy Policy Network Making the Case for Universal Voting: A Policy Kit for Policymakers Nicholas Stabile Spring 2022
Equinor Implementing Equinor’s Biodiversity Position: Operationalizing the Concept of Net Positive Impact in the Empire/Beacon Offshore Wind Projects Tom Moerenhout Spring 2022
Eurasia Group Europe’s Quest for Strategic Autonomy: Prospects and Scenarios Markus Jaeger Spring 2022
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Super-Charging Investment in ​​E-Mobility Infrastructure Amar Pradhan Spring 2022
Executive Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals Jeffrey Sachs, Aniket Shah Spring 2022
Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Markets Group Central Bank Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic Daniel Waldman Spring 2022
Gemini Examining the Intersection of Cryptocurrency and Illicit Criminal Activities, and Recommending Effective Deterrent and Prevention Strategies Annemarie McAvoy Spring 2022
Goldman Sachs Implementation of ESG Considerations to the Country Risk Management Process Robert Kopech Spring 2022
Government of Estonia Estonia, the Land of Skype: How Lessons from an Innovative Digital State Can Advance International Governance Jenik Radon Spring 2022
Government of Nigeria: Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) Decarbonizing the Nigerian economy: A Life-or-Death Investment Imperative for the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority Mahima Achuthan, Christine Capilouto Spring 2022
Government of Peru: Ministry of Energy and Mines Peru: Implementing Community Acceptance/Consent of Mining Projects through a Social License/Agreement Jenik Radon Spring 2022
IFC ILO Better Work Jordan Environmental Sustainability in the Jordanian Garment Sector Jessica Prata Cianciara Spring 2022
Inter-American Development Bank Guidelines for Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation in the LAC Region Fernando Sotelino Spring 2022
International Organization for Migration, International Migration Law Unit (IOM-IML) Saving Lives and Protecting the Human Rights of Migrants at Sea Andrew Painter Spring 2022
International Peace Institute (IPI) Mapping COVID-19 Vaccine Diplomacy Wilmot G. James Spring 2022
J.P.Morgan Demystifying the “E” in Sovereign ESG assessment Thomas Byrne Spring 2022
Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Mapping Humanitarian Assistance along the U.S. Southern Border – Opportunities to Support Migrants and Asylum-Seekers Elen Costigan Spring 2022
Mercy Corps Girls Improving Resilience Through Livelihood and Health (GIRL-H) Program Dale Buscher Spring 2022
Moody’s Investors Service The 2022 Perspective: Assessing Policy Effectiveness and the Credit Implication of Latin American Governments’ Response to Coronavirus Pandemic Sara Guerschanik Calvo, Martin Hermida Spring 2022
Neighborhood Benches Breaking The Cycle of Incarceration: A Roadmap to Credible Messenger Recruitment Judith Pincus Spring 2022
New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Town + Gown: NYC The Public Impact of Public Spaces: Inclusive Maintenance Strategies for NYCHA Open Spaces Thomas Quaranta Spring 2022
World Bank Group, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Understanding Climate Policy Impacts on Sovereign Debt Markets Cary Krosinsky, Thomas O. Murtha Spring 2022
World Bank Group, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation When does Index Insurance Provide Good Coverage? Daniel Osgood Spring 2022
World Bank Group Agricultural Value Chain Upgrading in Northern Lao PDR Glenn Denning Spring 2022
PricewaterhouseCoopers Tomorrow, the Moon: An Analysis of the Digital Currency Market and Regulatory Landscape Erinmichelle Perri Spring 2022
Tech Policy Press Tackling Online Mis/Disinformation: the role of AI Startups Anya Schiffrin Spring 2022
United States Military Academy at West Point Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering Urban Informatics for Enhanced Innovation, Connectivity, and Governance Patrick Mahaney Spring 2022
United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Mobilizing Private Finance to Counter Climate Change Beyond Renewable Energy Hans-Martin Boehmer Spring 2022
United States Department of State, Office of European Security and Political Affairs Russia vs NATO @ Black Sea: Addressing Russian Military and Hybrid Pressure on NATO in the Black Sea Region Vaida Vidugiris Spring 2022
United States Department of State, Libya External Office Libya: Oil, Corruption, Militias, and a Democratic Transition Adam Day Spring 2022
United States Department of State, Global Engagement Center Great Power Competition with a Focus on Influence Operations Robert McKenzie Spring 2022
United States Department of Defense, DARPA Vanguard Technology: Next Generation Ideas for U.S. National Security Nancy Collins Spring 2022
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs Climate Change and the Implications for Climate Security: Case Study of Oceania Karen L. Levin , Nathalie Rothschild Spring 2022
United Nations Secretariat, Office of Supply Chain Management Collaboration with Data in the Context of the United Nations’ Supply Chain Operations Melanie Petsch Spring 2022
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Crisis Management Group Integrating Women’s Economic Empowerment and GBV Programming in Crisis Countries to Enhance Gender Transformational Impacts Dale Buscher Spring 2022
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Seeking Sustainable Funding for All Phases of the Infrastructure Asset Management Life-Cycle Isabelle Delalex Spring 2022
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Nothing About Us Without Us: Adolescent Engagement in Humanitarian Response Suzanne Hollmann Spring 2022
A Global Financial Institution Evaluating Strategic Cyber Threats Adam Segal Spring 2022
The New York Women’s Foundation Pathways for Inclusion, Equity and Justice for Women of Color and Gender Expansive People of Color with Disabilities Stacey Cumberbatch Spring 2022
SAP Mapping Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations, and the Implications for Multinationals Katheryn Rosen Spring 2022
ReNew Power Green Hydrogen as a Pathway to Decarbonization A. J. Goulding Spring 2022
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Charging Forward: Designing a New Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive Program for Low and Moderate Income New Yorkers Damian Busch Spring 2022
New York City Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer Workforce Needs in New York City’s IoT Ecosystem André Corrêa d'Almeida Spring 2022
DAI Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Standards for Energy Supply Chains Fernando Fabre Spring 2022
Dalberg Advisors Mobilizing Domestic Capital for Impact Across Latin America José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2022
United Nations Development Programme / Insurance and Risk Finance Facility A Research and Evidence Strategy for UNDP's New Inclusive Insurance Initiative Barbara Magnoni Spring 2022
Trickle Up Integrating the Graduation Approach in Programs Supporting Refugees Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2022
HACEY Health Initiative Options for a Health Innovation Lab in Nigeria Debra Jones Spring 2022
Prime Minister's Office of Mongolia Informing the Design of a "Delivery Unit" for the Government of Mongolia Akbar Noman Spring 2022
Tea Circle A Rights-Based Analysis of Key Policy Considerations Related to Myanmar Kristina Eberbach Spring 2022
United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office of Mongolia Innovative Financing of the United Nations' New Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for Mongolia Fumiko Sasaki Spring 2022
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Supporting Innovation in the OECD's Development Assistance Committee John Lawrence Spring 2022
World Food Programme / Regional Centre of Excellence against Hunger and Malnutrition Landscape Analysis of Post-Harvest Loss Reduction Programs in Central and West Africa Scott Martin Spring 2022
UN-Habitat Jordan Fostering Public, Private and People Partnerships (PPPPs) for Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Development in Jordan Lisa Anderson Spring 2022
United Nations Children’s Fund / Generation Unlimited Developing a Scaling and Sustainability Strategies for the Youth Challenge Savita Bailur Spring 2022
United Nations Children’s Fund / Risk Analysis and Preparedness Section Creating a Novel Global Dataset to Support Humanitarian Programs Dirk Salomons Spring 2022
United Nations Development Programme / Accelerator Labs Network Mining UNDP's Solutions Mapping Platform for Grassroots Innovations in Clean and Affordable Energy John Lawrence Spring 2022
Citi Private Bank How Private Investors Can Participate in Europe's Alternatives to Russian Gas Supply James F. Guidera Fall 2022
Dell Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Leroy Terrelonge III Fall 2022
New York City Mayor's Office of Housing Recovery, National Center for Disaster Preparedness Watch Your STEP: Finding Replacement Funding Sources for a Critical Disaster Relief Program Damian Busch Fall 2022
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) Enabling Good Practices to Manage Infrastructure Assets for Sustainable Development Isabelle Delalex Fall 2022
United States Department of State, Bureau Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Office of Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Conflict Prevention & Response Playbooks Marc Jacquand Fall 2022
Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables Electrifying America’s Commercial Fleets Jeanne Fox Fall 2022