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Client Capstone Advisor Semester
International Foundation for Electoral Systems Assessing Capacity of Partners in the General Election Network for Disability Access in Southeast Asia Kristy Kelly Spring 2013
United Nations Association of Georgia National Minorities and Civic Integration in Georgia: Moving Multicultural Democracy Forward Spring 2013
Agropalma Sustainable Palm Oil Production in Brazil Scott Martin Spring 2012
Buenos Aires Municipal Government MiBuenosAires 2.0: Innovating Communications in a Municipal Government Michael Silverman Spring 2012
Caucus for Children's Rights Estimating the Costs of Child Protection in Tanzania Helen Epstein Spring 2012
First Access Informal Credit Scoring for Microfinance Institutions in Tanzania Spring 2012
Fundacion Bavaria Initial Impacts of a Microcredit Program in Colombia Rainer Braun Spring 2012
Foundation Escalera Assessing the Telesecundarias School Program In Chiapas, Mexico Marta Vicarelli Spring 2012
Instituto Palmas Monitoring Social Impacts of Community Banks in Brazil Scott Martin Spring 2012
Kopernik Agents of Technology, Agents of Change in Lombok, Indonesia Spring 2012
Man Up Youth Fighting Gender-Based Violence in DRC, Ghana and Guyana Manav Sachdeva Spring 2012
National Innovation Fund Promoting Venture Capital Formation in Kazakhstan Rafis Abazov Spring 2012
Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust Toward Sustainable Peace: Review of Training and Capacity Building Programs in Sri Lanka Sonali Deraniyagala Spring 2012
Samata Foundation Health is Wealth: Health Care Access for Dalit Communities in Nepal Pratima Kale Spring 2012
Teach For India Improving Teacher Selection and Student Performance in India Toni Sethi Spring 2012
TechnoServe Women's Employment and Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia Sara Minard Spring 2012
The Hunger Project Evaluating the Invaluable: A Rapid Assessment of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Bangladesh Martin Schoenhals Spring 2012
Transparency International More Effective School Management Committees in Ghana Toni Sethi Spring 2012
Transparency International Accountability and Transparency of Traditional and Emerging Donors in Colombia, Liberia and Sri Lanka José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2012
Village Health Works Developing a Monitoring Framework for a Maternal Health Program in Burundi Helen de Pinho Spring 2012
Women's Political Resource Center Promoting IDP's and Women's Voices in Post-Conflict Georgia Spring 2012
World Vision Monitoring World Vision's Area Development Program in Haiti Pratima Kale Spring 2012
Afroreggae On the Path to Sustainability: Expanding and Diversifying Afroreggae’s Social Enterprise Spring 2011
Atina Promoting Sustainability in the Value Chain for Natural Bisabolol, a Brazilian Rainforest Product Scott Martin Spring 2011
Dominican-Haitian Chamber of Commerce Promoting Clean Energy in Haiti through LPG Cookstoves Michael Silverman Spring 2011
Family Health International Creating a Training-to-Practice Measurement System and Toolkit for FHI Ethiopia Helen Epstein Spring 2011
Foundation Escalera Evaluating Educational Incentives in Chiapas, Mexico: Lessons from Randomized Control Trial Marta Vicarelli Spring 2011
Institute for Research and Debate on Governance Cairo 2011: Land and Democracy Spring 2011
Jitegemee Removing Barriers to Education for Street Children in Kenya: Impact Assessment of Jitegemee's Formal Schooling Program Toni Sethi Spring 2011
Kingston Restoration Company Inclusive Economic Growth in Kingston, Jamaica Spring 2011
Kopernik Energy at the Margins: Assessing the Initial Impact, Opportunities and Challenges of a Solar Lantern Project in Kalimantan, Indonesia Spring 2011
National Innovation Fund of Kazakhstan Stimulating Industrial Innovation in Kazakhstan Rafis Abazov Spring 2011
Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust Supporting Civil Society Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka Sonali Deraniyagala Spring 2011
Pepsico South American Foods Growing Sustainably: Assessing Pepsico Chile's Corporate Responsibility Strategy on its Potato Farms Rainer Braun Spring 2011
Poder Mapping Community Interests in Infrastructure Development in Punta Colonet, Mexico Scott Martin Spring 2011
TechnoServe Market-Based Solutions to Promote Non-Emergency Nutrition in Ethiopia Pratima Kale Spring 2011
The Hunger Project Documenting The Hunger Project's Training Approaches in Uganda Martin Schoenhals Spring 2011
TigerTrade Improving Online Resources for Emerging Companies in Indonesia Spring 2011
Tostan and Yarum Jen Community-Led Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Enterprise in Senegal Sara Minard Spring 2011
United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Mission in Sierra Leone Foreign Direct Investment in Sierra Leone's Agriculture Sector: Issues and Opportunities Spring 2011
United Nations Population Fund "Dignity Kits" in Humanitarian Responses: A Global Assessment Dirk Salomons Spring 2011
UN Women , UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Making Public Services Work for Women: Lessons from UN Public Service Award Nominees Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2011
UN Women , UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Enhancing Women's Access to Public Services in Conflict and Transition Settings Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2012
World Bank The World Bank's Governance and Anticorruption Agenda in Asia and the Pacific: Measuring Progress and Impact Barbara Nunberg Spring 2011
Acumen Fund and Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences Scaling Up Emergency Medical Training in India Spring 2010
Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project: Assessing Initial Impacts on Self-Help Group Members Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2010
East West Management Institute, United nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Strengthening Capacity Through Value Chain Analyses and Industrial Policy in Rwanda Akbar Noman Spring 2013
East West Management Institute, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) From Vision to Practice: Informing Industrial Upgrading in Rwanda Akbar Noman Spring 2012
PRI Project Development LLC Improving Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria Rainer Braun Spring 2012
Samata Foundation Challenges and Opportunities for Dalit Migrants and Their Families to Improve Livelihoods in Nepal Pratima Kale Spring 2013
The Hunger Project The Hunger Project: Using Innovative Communications to Improve Monitoring and Evaluation Martin Schoenhals Spring 2013
Institute for Defense Analyses Evaluation of International Development Programs in Less-Developed Countries and Improving Governance and Security Barbara Nunberg Fall 2012
United Nations Development Programme New Directions for Professional Development at UNDP Spring 2013
Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Federal Teacher Training in Brazil: An Assessment Urbano Garza Spring 2012
Government of Chiapas, Mexico Improving Water Access in Rural Chiapas Scott Martin Spring 2013
Media Development Investment Fund Measuring Outcomes of Impact Investing in Independent Media: Developing a Media Impact Index Julie Poncelet Spring 2013
Transparency International Wealth Declarations for Public Officials: A Viable Anti-Corruption Strategy for Kenya? Michael Silverman Spring 2013
West African Rice Company Pioneering High-Yield Rice Production in Sierra Leone: Recommendations for an Outgrower Model Sara Minard Spring 2013
C40 Cities Clinton Climate Initiative Building Successful Public-Private Partnerships in Sao Paulo's Transportation Sector Scott Martin Spring 2013
Covenant House International The State of Child Trafficking in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua: Legal Frameworks and Implementation Challenges Urbano Garza Spring 2013
National Agency for Technological Development Fostering Energy Efficiency in Kazakhstan's Industrial Sector Rafis Abazov Spring 2013
Tomorrow's Youth Organization Expanding Early Childhood Education in Nablus, Palestine Sara Minard Spring 2013
United States Agency for International Development A Framework for Analyzing Resilience in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations Manav Sachdeva Spring 2013
UN Women Costing Support Services for Survivors of Violence Against Women in Cambodia Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2013
Afren School To Work: Effective Components of a Technical and Vocational Education Program - Nigeria Case Study Toni Sethi Spring 2013
Fundacion Carvajal Assessment of Fundacion Carvajal's Integrated Territorial Approach to Socioeconomic Development in Cali, Colombia José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2013
Institute for Defense Analyses Assessing the Defense Institution Reform Initiative (DIRI) Strategy and Planning Framework Barbara Nunberg Fall 2013
Moody’s Analytics The Impact of Social Events on Financial Performance among Microfinance Institutions Isabelle Delalex Fall 2013
Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW) Strengthening ADEW's Capacity to Promote Women's Empowerment in Egypt Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2009
Ashoka Arab World Promoting Girls’ Empowerment Through Sports in Egypt Spring 2009
Endeavor Telling the Story of High-Impact Entrepreneurship in Mexico Anya Schiffrin Spring 2009
Government of Mauritius The Circular Migration Program in Mauritius: Policy Recommendations Spring 2009
Grameen America Researching Financial Services Needs in Immigrant Communities in New York City Spring 2009
Institute for Research and Debate on Governance Land, Governance, and Legitimacy in Tanzania: The Effects of Legal Pluralism on Maasai Pastoralists Spring 2009
Instituto de la Mujer de la Universidad de San Carlos (IUMUSAC) Documenting the Experiences of Municipal Women’s Offices in Guatemala Spring 2009
Instituto Observatório Social , Universidade de São Paulo Centro de Estudos das Negociações Internacionais Promoting Social Dialogue in the Mining Sector in Pará, Brazil Scott Martin Spring 2009
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction Assessing Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction on Nias Island, Indonesia Sonali Deraniyagala Spring 2009
International Trade Centre Sustainable Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Spring 2009
Jitegemee Impact Evaluation of Jitegemee’s Vocational Training Program in Kenya Toni Sethi Spring 2009
Millennium Cities Initiative, Earth Institute Developing a Business Plan for a Bamboo Bike Venture in Kisumu, Kenya Spring 2009
Millennium Villages Project, Earth Institute Strengthening Local Capacity for Agricultural Improvements in Sauri, Kenya Pratima Kale Spring 2009
Revenue Watch Institute Assessing the Impact of Economic Training for African Journalists Anya Schiffrin Spring 2009
Royal Dutch Shell Developing a Social Performance Strategy for a U.S. Distribution Facility Scott Martin Spring 2009
SNV Uganda Assessing Vocational Training Needs in the Ugandan Oilseed Sector Spring 2009
United Nations Children’s Fund Using Text-Messaging to Monitor Children’s Nutrition in Malawi Pratima Kale Spring 2009
United Nations Development Programme Expanding Notions of Capacity: Theory and Policy at UNDP Spring 2009
United Nations Population Fund Assessing UNFPA’s Humanitarian Response Capacity in Nepal Dirk Salomons Spring 2009
United Nations Regional Commissions Improving Coordination of Regional Climate Change Initiatives Spring 2009
WaterAid America , WaterAid Madagascar Improving Local Tax Policy for Water and Sanitation in Madagascar Spring 2009
Women’s Refugee Commission Improving Vocational Training Opportunities for Displaced Youth: Phase 2 Helen Epstein Spring 2009
Amani Children's Home Supporting the Transition of Older Youth to Self-Reliant Adulthood in Tanzania Spring 2008
Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud, FXB Uganda Strengthening the Monitoring and Evaluation System in FXB Uganda’s Village Model Program Spring 2008
Colombia Lider Assessing Colombia Lider’s Citizen Response System Scott Martin Spring 2008
Instituto Observatorio Social Assessing Unilever Brazil’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in the State of Goias Scott Martin Spring 2008
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction Institutionalizing Community-Based Integrated Watershed Management within Local Government Units in the Bicol Region, Philippines: A Project Evaluation Spring 2008
Investment Council under the President of Kyrgyzstan Improving the Business Climate in Kyrgyzstan Rafis Abazov Spring 2008
Law and Development Association, Zambia Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation System for LADA’s Adult Paralegal Program Eugenia McGill Spring 2008
Millennium Cities Initiative, Earth Institute Assessing Opportunities and Constraints Related to Foreign Direct Investment in Blantyre, Malawi Spring 2008
Millennium Villages Project, Earth Institute Building Capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation in the Millennium Villages Project in Ghana Pratima Kale Spring 2008
Royal Dutch Shell , Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc Beyond Public Perceptions: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Shell’s Community-Based Social Performance Projects in the Philippines Eugenia McGill Spring 2008
Ruiru Municipality, Kenya Opportunities in Waste: From Cape Town to Ruiru Spring 2008
Sauti Yetu Center for African Women Assessing the Needs of African Immigrant Women Engaged in New York City’s Informal and Formal Economies Spring 2008
Seva Mandir Addressing Food Insecurity in Rural Rajasthan, India Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2008
Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS Unleashing the Power of News Media to Combat the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Russia Rafis Abazov Spring 2008
United Nations Development Programme Strengthening Local Savings and Credit Models to Promote Economic Recovery in Post-Conflict Central African Republic: A Feasibility Study Jeffrey Ashe Spring 2008
WaterAid America , WaterAid Madagascar Estimating the Economic and Social Benefits of Improved Water and Sanitation Services in Madagascar Spring 2008
Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children Youth and Sustainable Livelihoods: Linking Vocational Training Programs to Market Opportunities in Northern Uganda Spring 2008
Center for Marketing and Analytical Research Kazakhstan Economic Diversification through SME Development: Introducing New Sources of Funding for SMEs Rafis Abazov Spring 2007
Institute for Research and Debate on Governance Visualizing Civil Society through Mapping NGOs Spring 2007
Jane Goodall Institute Evaluation of JGI-China’s Roots & Shoots Environmental Education Program Spring 2007
Law and Development Association Evaluating the Effectiveness of LADA's Paralegal Program in Zambia Eugenia McGill Spring 2007
Liberia Reconstruction and Development Committee Capacity Building Strategies and Options for the Liberian Government Administration Marc Jacquand Spring 2007
Millennium Cities Initiatives, Earth Institute Assessment of Opportunities and Constraints for Investment in Louga, Senegal Scott Martin Spring 2007
Ruiru Municipality Building RUJUWASCO: Health Awareness Campaign, Water and Sewage Systems for the Municipality of Ruiru, Kenya Spring 2007
SEDESOL Re-Thinking Governmental Assistance in Mexico's Indigenous Education Spring 2007
UNICEF Learning Plus Initiative: Piloting an Assessment Methodology for an Integrated School-Based Model of Learning and Delivery of Essential Services for Children in Rwanda and Lesotho Spring 2007
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) Empowering Communities: An Analysis of IIRR’s Development Activities in Bicol, Philippines Spring 2006
Women’s Edge Coalition Incorporating Women’s Voices into the Development Process: Lessons Learned from Honduras Spring 2006
Catholic Relief Services Preliminary Assessment of Agro-Food Sector and Opportunities to Improve Market Information for Small Farmers and Traders in Katanga Province Pratima Kale Spring 2010
Endeavor Promoting Entrepreneurship Education in Chile Sara Minard Spring 2010
Family Health International Understanding Change in FHI's Community Savings and Loan Groups in Ethiopia Helen Epstein Spring 2010
Instituto Palmas Monitoring the Impact of an Innovative Community Banking Network in Brazil Scott Martin Spring 2010
International Trade Centre Non-Tariff Measures in Sri Lanka and Peru: A Business Sector Perspective Spring 2010
Jitegemee Trades, Training, and Employment: Expanding the Horizons of Jitegemee's Vocational Students in Kenya Toni Sethi Spring 2010
Millennium Challenge Corporation Assessing Opportunities for Agribusiness Investment in Ghana and Morocco Spring 2010
Millennium Cities Initiative, Earth Institute Foreign Direct Investment in Kaduna, Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges Spring 2010
PepsiCo South American Foods Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Venezuela: PepsiCo Foods and Potato Farmers Rainer Braun Spring 2010
United Nations Children’s Fund Assessing the Potential for Text-Messaging to Improve HIV/AIDS Care in Malawi Pratima Kale Spring 2010
United Nations Development Programme Developing Institutional Capacity: Lessons from Resilient Institutions Spring 2010
United Nations Peacebuilding Fund The UN Peacebuilding Fund's Activities in the Comoros: Measuring Catalytic Impact Sonali Deraniyagala Spring 2010
Women’s Refugee Commission Piloting Training Tools to Improve Vocational Training in Liberia Helen Epstein Spring 2010
University of São Paulo working with Alcoa Brazil Alcoa Brazil's New Sustainability Model for Mining: An Independent Review Scott Martin Spring 2010
Women's Political Resource Center Addressing Trafficking in Persons and Domestic Violence in Georgia: An Independent Assessment Spring 2010
Catholic Relief Services Is Capital Enough? Beyond Microfinance for Poor Farmers in the Philippines Eugenia McGill Spring 2005
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Africa Regional Office Gender Mainstreaming in Ethiopia: Changing the Way People Think? Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2005
International Rescue Committee Capacity Building in East Timor: IRC's Gender Based Violence Program Spring 2005
The Brazilian Landless Rural Workers Movement Sugar, Tea, and Markets: Selling the MST Spring 2005
Pamoja Trust Enabling a Community-Led Process? Pamoja Trust's Approach to Slum-Upgrading in Nairobi Spring 2005
TechnoServe Cashew Nuts in Mozambique: Recommendations for Developing a Viable Industry Spring 2005
The Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation From Differences to Dialogue: U.S. & French Views on Global Governance Spring 2005
The Government of São Tomé and Príncipe, Earth Institute A Study in Participatory Democracy: The São Tomé & Príncipe National Forum Spring 2005
United Nations Children's Fund Evaluating the impact of PRSP on Child Poverty: The case of Bolivia Spring 2005
UNDP Regional Stability in the Balkans: FTA Implementation Between Serbia & Montenegro and FYR of Macedonia Spring 2005
United Nations Population Fund Roadmap to Recovery: Mapping HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence Programming in Liberia Dirk Salomons Spring 2005
UN Public/Private Alliance for Rural Development Made in Madagascar: Exporting Handicrafts to the U.S. Market Spring 2005
World Bank Infrastructure and Violence: The Mapping of San Salvador Eugenia McGill Spring 2005
Catholic Relief Services Building Sustainable Institutions: A Comparison of Four Microfinance Institutions in Rural Philippines Spring 2006
Doctors for Life South Africa Improving Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in South Africa Spring 2006
FilmAid International FilmAid Kenya Helen Epstein Spring 2006
Fundación Mujer y Desarrollo Económico Comunitario (FUMDEC) Constraints and Opportunities for Rural Women Producers in Terrabona, Nicaragua Spring 2006
The Brazilian Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) Strategic Entry into Fair Trade Markets: A Brazilian Case Study Spring 2006
Millennium Villages Project, Earth Institute Microenterprise Support for the Millennium Villages Project Spring 2006
Ruiru Municipality Meeting Basic Needs in a Rapidly Urbanizing Community: A Water, Sanitation, and Solid Waste Assessment Spring 2006
The Dream Project, Dominican Republic Improving Educational Quality for Underserved Children in the Dominican Republic: The Role of an NGO Spring 2006
UNICEF Education for all? Lessons from the Abolition of User Fees in the Gambia Spring 2006
UNICEF Girls' Secondary Education in Mauritania Challenges and Opportunities Spring 2006
United Nations Development Programme Options for Change: Policy-Making in the Kyrgyz Republic Rafis Abazov Spring 2006
UNFPA Bringing Together Diverse Needs: Findings from a Rapid Population and Reproductive Health Assessment with UNFPA Sudan Dirk Salomons Spring 2006
World Bank Building an Ethical Public Life: Case Studies in Transformational Leadership Spring 2006
American Human Development Report Research for the American Human Development Report Scott Martin Spring 2007
Batey Relief Alliance Evaluation of BRA’s Humanitarian Health Service Program in the Bateyes, Dominican Republic Spring 2007
Development Alternatives Inc Benchmarking the Competitiveness of Brazil’s Cashew Sector Spring 2007
FilmAid International Monitoring the Reach and Impact of a Country-of-Origin Information Project for Sudanese Refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya Spring 2007
Microfund for Women Expanding Microfund for Women’s Product Offerings: Strategies to Enter the Education Finance Sector Spring 2007
Millennium Cities Initiative, Earth Institute Assessment of Opportunities and Constraints for Investment in Kisumu, Kenya Spring 2007
Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS Spreading HIV Awareness in Russia: An Evaluation of the Russian Media Partnership within Trans-Atlantic Partners Against AIDS Rafis Abazov Spring 2007
Institute for Research and Debate on Governance Exploring the Role of Traditional Leaders in Governance in South Africa Spring 2008
Caja de Compensación Familiar de Antioquia (COMFAMA) Evaluating Economic Insertion Programming for Colombia’s Vulnerable and Poor José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2009
Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare Strengthening the Monitoring Framework for UCOBAC’s Initiative on Women’s Land, Housing and Property Rights Helen Epstein Spring 2009
Initiative for Policy Dialogue Content Analysis of African Press Coverage of the Extractive Sector Anya Schiffrin Spring 2010
Institute for Research and Debate on Governance The Role of Traditional Authorities in Land Management in Cameroon Spring 2010
World Food Programme From Food Aid to Food Assistance: Strategic Priorities for the World Food Programme in the Central African Republic Pratima Kale Spring 2011
Women's Political Resource Center Gender Mainstreaming in Public Education in Post-Soviet Georgia: Analysis and Recommendations Spring 2011
Women's Refugee Commission Examining the Link Between Gender-Based Violence Risks and Livelihood Activities in Displacement Settings: Case Studies from Ethiopia and Kenya Helen Epstein Spring 2011
Women's World Banking Market Entry Opportunities for Women's World Banking in Vietnam Spring 2011
FilmAid International Implementing an M&E System for a Participatory Youth Video Project in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya Spring 2007
International Organization for Adolescents Understanding Context to Reduce the Vulnerabilities of Young People in Bosnia Spring 2006
UN Development Programme Accelerating Progress Towards the MDGs: Capacity Development Issues Spring 2011
UN Development Programme Keys to Progress Toward the Millennium Development Goals Spring 2012
Batey Relief Alliance Evaluating a Humanitarian Health Program in the Dominican Republic Spring 2014
Beraca Seed Collection in the Brazilian Amazon: Socioeconomic Development through Sustainable Partnerships Scott Martin Spring 2014
Booz Allen Hamilton Strengthening Supply Chain Management to Fight AIDS in Africa Helen Epstein Spring 2014
Endeavor Developing a High-Impact Executive Program for Entrepreneurs in Morocco Sara Minard Spring 2014
Fundacion Carvajal Innovative Approaches to Promote Income Generation in Buenaventura, Colombia Scott Martin Spring 2014
Fundacion Paz y Bien Exploring Options for Displaced Communities in Colombia José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2014
KOTO Gearing Up to Transform More Lives: Formative Evaluation of a Holistic Training Program in Vietnam Julie Poncelet Spring 2014
Looly's Doing Well by Doing Good? A Moroccan Social Enterprise Case Study Sara Minard Spring 2014
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kosovo Crowdsourcing Diplomacy and Foreign Policy in a Digital World Payton Knopf Spring 2014
BRAC USA Positioning BRAC’s “Empowerment and Livelihoods for Adolescents” Program in Uganda’s Development Landscape Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2014
Moody's Analytics Social Performance Assessment (SPA) for Lenders to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) Deborah McLean Fall 2014
Small Island Developing States (SIDS): SIDSDock Implementation Plan: SIDS DOCK National Financing Mechanism and Related Training Materials Gina Rodolico Fall 2014
Srinivasan Services Trust Assessing a Model for Sustainable Village Development in Rural India Pratima Kale Spring 2014
Transparency International Civil Society Oversight of Security Sector Reform in Honduras Paul F. Lagunes Spring 2014
Transparency International The Fish Rots from the Head: Gender and Corruption in Niger and Zimbabwe Kristy Kelly Spring 2014
UN Women New Approaches to Training for Gender Equality Kristy Kelly Spring 2014
United Nations Development Programme Strengthening UNDP’s Support for South-South and Triangular Cooperation Spring 2014
Women's World Banking Opportunities to Improve Low-Income Women’s Access to Financial Services in China Akbar Noman Spring 2014
Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning and National Agency for Technological Development Stimulating Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the High-Tech Sector: The Case of Kazakhstan Rafis Abazov Spring 2014
GiveDirectly Replicability of Cash Transfer Programs Through Mobile Technology in Developing Countries Pratima Kale Spring 2013
Instituto Palmas Leveraging Technology for the Underbanked: Brazil's Instituto Palmas Louise Moretto Spring 2013
United Nations Iraq Information and Analysis Unit Supporting Local Level Development in Iraq Through Interactive Web Technology Patricia Mechael Spring 2010
UNICEF Smart Management of Malnutrition: Using Smartphones to Improve Child Health in Nigeria Eric Cantor Spring 2014
Malaria No More Tweet Me When the Mosquitoes Come: Can Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact Malaria Awareness in Cameroon? Helen Epstein Spring 2013
Open Development #opendata: Promoting Open Data in Cambodia Spring 2014
Accenture Research Digital Government: National Strategies and Implementation Challenges Michael Silverman Spring 2015
Fontheim International, Workers United Defining a New Generation of International Human and Labor Rights Standards for Business D. Holly Hammonds Spring 2015
Impacto Social Consultores Measuring the Development Impact of Local Government Spending in Mexico Scott Martin Spring 2015
Brilliant International Group Exploring Models for Arts Education Social Enterprises Michael Keany Spring 2015
Open Development Initiative, Open Development Cambodia Improving Data Science Literacy for the Open Development Initiative in the Mekong Region Sara Jayne Terp Spring 2015
Study Hall Education Foundation Measuring Girls' Empowerment in India: the SHEF Girls' Education and Empowerment Program in Public Girls' Schools Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2015
Village Health Works Analyzing the Costs and Financial Sustainability of a Maternal Health Clinic in Burundi Eva Weissman Spring 2015
The Brookings Institution Center for Universal Education "Millions Learning" Education Reforms in Vietnam and Zambia Alesia Lefebure Spring 2015
World Food Programme WFP's Funding Shortfall: What It Means for Syrian Refugees and Local Retailers in Jordan Pratima Kale Spring 2015
Irupe Paraguay Small Agribusiness Competitiveness: Working with Small Farmers in Paraguay to Reach International Markets Scott Martin Spring 2015
EcoViva The Millennium Challenge Corporation's Compacts with El Salvador: Lessons Learned for the New Compact Akbar Noman Spring 2015
Bhagini Nivedita Sahakari Bank Inclusive Banking by Women for All in Pune, India Pratima Kale Spring 2014
Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia Strengthening Cambodian Legislators' Capacity for Outreach and Public Consultations Julie Poncelet Spring 2015
EA Consultants Funding Youth-Led Enterprises in Jamaica Colman Chamberlain Spring 2015
The DREAM Project Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship and Youth-Led Microenterprises in the Dominican Republic Debra Jones Spring 2015
Fundacion Carvajal Engaging The Future of Colombia's Youth José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2015
Fundacion Corona Assessing the Policy Impact of the "Como Vamos" Program in Colombia José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2015
International Organization for Migration - Mission to Moldova PARE 1+1: Improving Moldova's Remittance-Based Investment Program Daniel Naujoks Spring 2015
The Hunger Project Mobile Monitoring Technology for Rural Development in Malawi and Senegal Pratima Kale Spring 2015
Transparency International Women and Land in Ghana: The Cost of Corruption Kristy Kelly Spring 2015
United Nations Global Compact Promoting Women's Empowerment Principles in Latin America and the Middle East Kristy Kelly Spring 2015
Instituto Palmas Benchmarking Transformative IT Education for Urban Youth: The First School for Apps in Brazil Colman Chamberlain Spring 2015
Instituto Palmas PalmasLab: A Strategic Toolkit to Facilitate Innovation Eric Cantor Spring 2014
Transparency International - Kenya Implementation of Humanitarian Aid Agencies’ Anti-Corruption Policies in their Operations in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and Guinea-Conakry: Challenges and Successes Jenik Radon Fall 2015
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office, United Nations Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations Development Programme Understanding the Role of National Dialogues in Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Countries Barbara Nunberg Fall 2015
Thomson Reuters Developing Refinery Utilization Indices for the Global Crude Oil Refinery Market Russell Dyk Fall 2015
CODESPA Foundation Marketing a New Rural Community Tourism Route in Peru Rainer Braun Spring 2016
Covenant House International Improving Staff Capacity to Support LGBTI Homeless Youth in Mexico and Central America Debra Jones Spring 2016
Fundacion Bavaria Evaluating the Sustained Impact of an Extreme Poverty-Free Zones in Colombia Rainer Braun Spring 2016
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Evaluation of Dar Ramani Huria: Community Mapping for Flood Resilience in Tanzania Sara Jayne Terp Spring 2016
International Labour Organization Initial Assessment of the Al-Hassan Workers' Center for Migrant Workers in Jordan Julie Poncelet Spring 2016
Study Hall Educational Foundation Scaling Up Nonformal Educational Centers in India Pratima Kale Spring 2016
Women's World Banking Identifying Opportunities for Pension Products for Low-Income Women in Key Developing Markets Michelle Greene Spring 2016
Transparency International, Ghana Integrity Initiative, Transparency International Zimbabwe Women and Land in Africa: The Cost of Corruption in Ghana and Zimbabwe Kristy Kelly Spring 2016
Seis Hileras Creating a Go-To-Market Strategy for a Mexican Craft Beer Producer Scott Martin Spring 2016
United Nations Development Programme Multi-Stakeholder Participation for the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia John Lawrence Spring 2016
Centre for Bhutan Studies Translating Gross National Happiness into Practice: Bhutan's Approach Akbar Noman Spring 2016
Workers United - SEIU Initiatives to Reach a Sustainable "Living Wage" and Fair Labor Standards in Cambodia's Garment Sector D. Holly Hammonds Spring 2016
International Organization for Migration Developing a Crowdfunding Platform for Diaspora Investment in Moldova's Development Daniel Naujoks Spring 2016
PRISSMA Understanding the Demand for Structuring and Financing Environmental Projects in Brazil Michael Silverman Spring 2016
The Hunger Project Learning from the Women's Empowerment Index: Case Studies on the Income and Time Domains Pratima Kale Spring 2016
United Nations Global Compact Private Sector Support for the Sustainable Development Goals Through Local Networks Kristy Kelly Spring 2016
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Rapid Assessment of UN Women's Microlending Program in Jordan's Poverty Pockets Julie Poncelet Spring 2016
WEEMA International Improving Livelihoods Through Modern Beekeeping and Honey Production in Ethiopia Scott Martin Spring 2016
Instituto Palmas Internet Connectivity for Development in the Urban Periphery Michael Silverman Spring 2016
Agencia de Desenvolvimento Economico Local (ADEL) Impact Assessment of the Rural Young Entrepreneur Program in Ceara, Brazil Scott Martin Spring 2017
Catholic Relief Services Impact Evaluation of the Girls Agro-investment Project in Uganda Julie Poncelet Spring 2017
Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar The Indonesian Teaching Movement and its Knowledge-Sharing Initiative: A Preliminary Review Alesia Lefebure Spring 2017
Save The Children Strengthening the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning System for a New Program Addressing Youth Migration from Central America Barbara Magnoni Spring 2017
TechnoServe Meeting Needs of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Mobile-Based Solution to Train Entrepreneurs in the Developing World Scott Martin Spring 2017
Un Techo para mi Pais (TECHO) Ecuador Evaluation of TECHO Ecuador's Emergency Earthquake Response Julie Poncelet Spring 2017
United Nations Kosovo Mobilizing Young Citizens to Pursue the Sustainable Development Goals in Kosovo John Lawrence Spring 2017
WomenStrong International, Alice Visionary Foundation Project Mapping Pathways for Women Micro-Entrepreneurs in Kisumu, Kenya Kristy Kelly Spring 2017
East-West Management Institute, Open Development Initiative Supporting an Open Data Platform for the Sustainable Development Goals in the Mekong Region John Lawrence Spring 2017
Fundacion Corona Strengthening the Ecosystem for Social Impact Bonds in Colombia José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2017
Study Hall Educational Foundation Making the Case for Gender Studies in the Core Curriculum of Secondary Schools in India Maxine Weisgrau Spring 2017
United Nations Children's Fund Nepal Supporting the Strategic Planning Process for Nepal's Multisector Nutrition Plan, Phase 2 Pratima Kale Spring 2017
World Bank The Global Delivery Initiative: Case Studies from Malaysia and Mexico Michael Silverman Spring 2017
Transparency International, Transparency International Uganda Potential of Technology to Combat Land Corruption in Uganda: A Gendered Approach Kristy Kelly Spring 2017
Rwando-Congolese Dialogue Planning a Forum for Youth Leaders from Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda on Conflict and Environmental Issues Helen Epstein Spring 2017
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Prioritizing Urban Infrastructure Projects in Asia: A Framework for Impactful Investment Akbar Noman Spring 2017
Viva Rio Designing a Fellowship Program for Viva Rio's Favela Hub Sidney Nakahodo Spring 2017
WARC Group Piloting a Mobile Platform to Support Smallholder Farmers in Sierra Leone Tom Casazzone Spring 2017
Frutas e Legumes, AGRIECO, Ubuntu Foundation Designing a Strategy to Provide Primary Education in Rural Guinea-Bissau Scott Martin Spring 2018
Asian Women Social Entrepreneurs Network (AWSEN) Assessing the Needs and Social Impact of Asian Female Social Entrepreneurs Fumiko Sasaki Spring 2018
Center for Strategic Development Boosting Women's Economic Participation in Saudi Arabia Kristy Kelly Spring 2018
Covenant House International Addressing Youth Homelessness in Nicaragua and Attaining Sustainability Through Social Enterprise Debra Jones Spring 2018
EA Consultants Mitigating Earthquake Risk in Mexico Through Microinsurance Scott Martin Spring 2018
Fundacion Corona Measuring Progress Toward the Sustainable Development Goals in Urban Contexts in Colombia José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2018
Hway Ka Loke Boarding School Skills, Capacity and Leadership Development for an Ethnic Community from Myanmar Fumiko Sasaki Spring 2018
Instituto Republica Developing a Workplace Assessment Tool for the Public Sector in Brazil Michael Silverman Spring 2018
Jain Family Institute Demonstrating Basic Income Effects in the United States Suresh Naidu Spring 2018
Model UN New Silk Way Program Assessment of the Model UN New Silk Way Program in Central Asia Akbar Noman Spring 2018
Orbis India Evaluation of Orbis India’s Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Vision Impairment in School-Going Children Julie Poncelet Spring 2018
The Women's Refugee Commission Re-framing Gender and Intersectionality in Humanitarian Settings Kristy Kelly Spring 2018
World Food Programme Centre of Excellence Against Hunger Assessing South-South Initiatives to Eliminate Hunger in West Africa Pratima Kale Spring 2018
WARC Group Insights into Smallholder Farmers' Willingness to Use Mobile Technology in Sierra Leone Tom Casazzone Spring 2018
Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) Assessment of Self-Employed Women's Association's New Initiatives to Engage and Support Young Women in India D. Holly Hammonds Spring 2018
TechnoServe Building Post-Program Services for Entrepreneurs in Central America Michael Silverman Spring 2018
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Education for Employment (EfE) Tunisie A Sustainable Model for Career Centers to Improve Employment Options for Tunisian Youth Lisa Anderson Spring 2020
Babban Gona Farmer Services Improving Farmer Selection for the Babban Gona Agricultural Franchise in Nigeria Ragini Dalal Spring 2020
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Prime Minister's Office of Mongolia Informing the Design of a "Delivery Unit" for the Government of Mongolia Akbar Noman Spring 2022
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United Nations Children’s Fund / Risk Analysis and Preparedness Section Creating a Novel Global Dataset to Support Humanitarian Programs Dirk Salomons Spring 2022
United Nations Development Programme / Accelerator Labs Network Mining UNDP's Solutions Mapping Platform for Grassroots Innovations in Clean and Affordable Energy John Lawrence Spring 2022