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Client Capstone Advisor Semester
International Rescue Committee The Effectiveness of Emergency Response to Extreme Events: An NGO Perspective Howard R. Williams Spring 2012
The National Security Archive Access to Information and Human Rights in the Americas Spring 2012
Citi - Global Commodities Research: Politics and Economics of the Rare Earths Industry Jenik Radon Spring 2012
Haitian American Alliance Funding Development with Commune-Level Conditional Grants in Haiti Marc Levy Spring 2013
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Women and Politics: Evidence of Legislative Change Johanna Rickne Spring 2013
Planned Parenthood Global Human Rights and Funding Analysis to Promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Latin America Karen Plafker Spring 2013
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) A Human Rights Reporting Framework for the Pharmaceutical Industry Joanne Bauer Spring 2013
Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment Preventing the Resource Curse In Uganda Jenik Radon Spring 2012
Capital Markets Institute of the Shanghai Stock Exchange China, Natural Resources and the World: What Needs to be Disclosed Jenik Radon Spring 2013
Mozambique Governance Watch Mozambique’s Extractive Riches: Will They Be a Game Changer and the Road to Prosperity, or Another Chapter in the Resource Curse? Jenik Radon Spring 2013
Bureau of Haiti's Special Envoy to the United Nations, Social Science Research Council The Haitian Diaspora in the United States and the Relationship Between International Migration and National Development Spring 2011
Freedom House Avoiding the 'Resource Curse': An Analysis of the Impact of Hydrocarbon Wealth on Democratic Governance and Recommendations for the Way Forward Jenik Radon Spring 2011
Human Rights Watch What Media Do U.S. Foreign-Policymakers Consume? Michael Cowan Spring 2012
Human Rights Watch Crime, Punishment, and Undocumented Aliens Spring 2011
International Rescue Committee An Analysis of the Shrinking Partnership of USAID with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Howard R. Williams Spring 2011
Internews, World Bank Institute, Brookings Institution Mapping Donor Decision Making on Media Development Anya Schiffrin Spring 2011
World Bank Group - Development Research Group The G-20, Economic Development, and Trade Akbar Noman, José Antonio Ocampo Spring 2011
Internews Tuned In… or Out?: Global Survey on the Myths and Realities on the Engagement of Humanitarian Agencies with Local Media in Times of Crisis Judith Matloff Spring 2013
Center for Work-Life Policy Identifying Policies and Practices to Keep Women in the Workforce and Stem the Hidden Brain Drain Charis Varnum Spring 2006
WITNESS Using Video and Technology to Open the Eyes of the World to Human Rights Abuse: The Cameras Everywhere Leadership Initiative Spring 2012
Grace Institute Improving Outreach Efforts to Increase Enrollment and Graduation Figures for Target Populations Tanya Domi Spring 2010
The Montefiore Family Health Center Assessment of STAR Reading Sarah Holloway Spring 2009
Moody’s Analytics The Impact of Social Events on Financial Performance among Microfinance Institutions Isabelle Delalex Fall 2013
Planned Parenthood Global Mapping and Assessment of Youth’s Access to Sexuality Education, Information and Reproductive Health Services in Africa Betsy Apple Spring 2012
WITNESS A Plan for Intervention in Emergency Situations Where Traditional Communications Infrastructure May be Unavailable or Cut Off by the Government Anya Schiffrin Spring 2014
Doctors of the World USA (Médecins du Monde) Assessing Health Needs in Underserved Urban Communities: The Rockaways Post-Hurricane Sandy Eva Weissman Spring 2014
International Rescue Committee Ready for a Domestic Disaster: Recommendations for an Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Howard R. Williams Spring 2014
Open Society Justice Initiative Regional Human Rights Systems: Perspectives from Africa and the Americas Spring 2014
Safe Water Network Financing for Community-Level Water Systems in Ghana Charles Raymond Spring 2014
Physicians for Human Rights Awarding and Enforcing Reparations in Mobile Courts Judgments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Yasmine Ergas Spring 2013
Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau - Tanzania Tanzania's Extractive Riches: Will They Be a Game Changer and the Road to Prosperity or Another Chapter in the Resource Curse? Jenik Radon Spring 2014
International Finance Corporation (IFC), Better Work/International Labour Organization (ILO) Garment Workers’ Center in the Al-Hassan Industrial Zone in Jordan Spring 2014
United Nations Development Programme Linking Women's Land Rights to Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth for UNDP Charis Varnum Fall 2005
La Fundación Foro Nacional por Colombia (National Forum for Colombia Foundation) Colombia’s Extractive Riches: Will They Be a Game Changer and the Road to Prosperity or Another Chapter in the Resource Curse? Jenik Radon Spring 2014
International Growth Centre Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict South Sudan Barbara Nunberg Fall 2014
Government of Peru Benefiting from Natural Resources and Preventing the Resource Curse Jenik Radon Spring 2015
United States Department of State Building Constituencies in India and Pakistan to Improve Bilateral Relations Vishakha Desai Spring 2015
New York City Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development Jobs for New York Task Force Retail Sector Development Initiative Judith Pincus Spring 2015
NGO Gender Group Capacity Building for the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) NGO Reporting in Myanmar Spring 2015
Tanzania Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau Tanzania: Preventing the Resource Curse Jenik Radon Spring 2015
Women’s World Banking Building Financial Inclusion for Low Income Women: The Role of Corporate Partnerships Michelle Greene Spring 2015
United States Mission to the United Nations US Government Policy Review: Repositioning United Nations Peacekeeping to Underpin Global Security Peter W. Lord Spring 2015
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Migrant Domestic Workers’ Access to Services and Rights: The Role of Municipal Governments in New York City and São Paolo Daniel Naujoks Spring 2015
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) Extending State Authority and Legitimacy in Post-Conflict Countries Spring 2015
New York City Mayor's Office - Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI) Using Data to Improve Health and Social Service Provision in New York City Eva Weissman Spring 2015
Access Mapping Global Surveillance and Proposing Solutions to Respect Human Rights Anya Schiffrin Spring 2015
Transparency International - Kenya Implementation of Humanitarian Aid Agencies’ Anti-Corruption Policies in their Operations in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia and Guinea-Conakry: Challenges and Successes Jenik Radon Fall 2015
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office, United Nations Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations Development Programme Understanding the Role of National Dialogues in Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Countries Barbara Nunberg Fall 2015
ACCESS Facility Evaluating the Effectiveness of Non-Judicial Remedies for Victims of Corporate Human Rights Abuses Joanne Bauer Spring 2015
The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Sweden Accessing Justice to Redress Adverse Human Rights Impacts of Transboundary Investments – A Southeast Asian Case Study Mette H. Holm Spring 2016
Bulgarian State Agency for Refugees Balancing Humanitarian Assistance, Security, and EU Policy to Improve Bulgaria’s Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis Robin Brooks Spring 2016
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office Failure and Turn Around in Peacebuilding Projects Kirsti Samuels Spring 2016
New York City Mayor's Office, The Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI) Improving Community-based Juvenile Justice Programming Eva Weissman Spring 2016
Human Rights Watch Mapping Media Consumption of African Union Members for Human Rights Watch Communication Strategy Paul Stapleton Spring 2016
Media Consumption of International Development in United Nations Missions Anya Schiffrin Spring 2016
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence— Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs (CFE DMHA) Enhancing U.S. and International Civil-Military Preparedness for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance: Curriculum Development and Implementation Recommendations for Executive Programme, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Humanitarian Assis Karen L. Levin Spring 2016
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office Youth, Peace and Security in the United States Kirsti Samuels Spring 2017
Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia Resource Rights in Namibia Jenik Radon Spring 2016
Government of Peru, Ministry of Culture Preventing the Resource Curse in the Mining Industry in Peru: Social license to Operate and Issues of Corruption Jenik Radon Spring 2016
Pencils of Promise Recommendations for Country Expansion Rubric Considering Economic, Social and Political Factors Charles Raymond Fall 2016
United States Department of State, Office of Security and Human Rights, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor The Risk Assessment Index for Security and Human Rights Kirsti Samuels Fall 2017
The Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution Case Studies in Girls’ Life Skills Education Programs Targeting Transitions Outcomes Allison Anderson Fall 2017
United States Mission to the United Nations Reassessing UN Peacekeeping and Observer Missions in the Middle East Walter Miller Spring 2017
Government of Peru, President of the Council of Minister's Office Preventing Social Conflict in the Peruvian Mining Industry Jenik Radon Spring 2017
Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation National Mechanisms for the Prevention of Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes Ariella Lang Spring 2017
Government of Namibia (with support of the Office of the President) Namibia: Transparency, Governance and Natural Resources Jenik Radon Spring 2017
Brookings Institution- Center for Universal Education Innovative Approaches to Girls’ Life Skills Education  Allison Anderson Spring 2017
Mercy Corps Engaging Refugee and Displaced Youth in the Middle East as Partners in Change Sarah Deardorff Miller, David Dabscheck Spring 2017
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Multilateral Deployment of ASEAN Militaries during Disaster (Indo-Asia-Pacific) Karen L. Levin Spring 2017
IFC/ILO Better Work Jordan Examining Barriers of Workforce Integration for Syrian Refugees in Jordan Daniel Naujoks Spring 2017
Mauritius Financial Services Commission What Future for Mauritius in the Wake of the Panama Papers? Christine Capilouto Spring 2017
Government of Peru Equitable Distribution of Resources and Avoidance of Social Conflict in the Mining Sector Jenik Radon Spring 2018
Government of Estonia Estonia, The Skype Nation—How a Small Nation Can be a Global Leader and Punch Above its Weight Jenik Radon Spring 2018
IFC/ILO Better Work Jordan The Impact of Better Work Jordan’s Collaborative Efforts with Local Stakeholders Betsy Apple Spring 2018
Mercy Corps Youth Concepts of Social Cohesion in the Middle East Sarah Deardorff Miller Spring 2018
New York Immigration Coalition Is New York State Really a Sanctuary for All? Understanding the Implications for Undocumented Communities Stacey Cumberbatch Spring 2018
OutRight Action International Leave No Student Behind: Creating Safe Schools and Adolescent Support for LGBTIQ Students Spring 2018
Smallholder Farmers Alliance Scaling a Successful Social Enterprise Model in Haiti Rob Johnson Spring 2018
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office Using Big Data to Prevent Conflict Kirsti Samuels Spring 2018
United States Department of State Mediation in Venezuela: Assessing Options for Advancing a Political Solution Spring 2018
UN Women Innovation in Women Programming—Understand the Potential of Using Twitter Data Combined with Traditional Survey Data to Measure Societal Dynamics Related To Violence Against Women (VAW) In Brazil David Dabscheck Spring 2018
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Supporting ASEAN Disaster Management and Emergency Response To Enable Effective Regional Disaster Management via Information Management Platforms Karen L. Levin Spring 2018
Practical Education Network (PEN) From Workshops to Social Change: Building a Hands-On Science Culture among Ghanaian STEM Teachers Suzanne Hollmann Spring 2018
Peru’s Ministry of Education (MINEDU) Offline Internet Resources for Rural Schools in Peru Anne Nelson Spring 2018
Free the Slaves (FTS) Evaluating Free the Slaves’ Advocacy Work Mohammad Nurul Alam Spring 2018
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Supporting the Government of Nepal’s Disaster Management: Interagency Communication Techniques Karen L. Levin Spring 2019
IFC-ILO Better Work Jordan Mental Health Services for Migrant Workers and other Workers in Jordan’s Garment Industry Daniel Naujoks Spring 2019
Government of Peru Mining Vision 2030 Jenik Radon Spring 2019
Equality Myanmar (EQMM) Countering Hate Speech in Myanmar: Human Rights Capacity-Building in Context Kristina Eberbach, Benedict Fleming Spring 2019
United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations Security Council Members’ Role in Supporting Political Processes in UN Peacekeeping Settings: Can They Walk the Talk? Elisabeth Lindenmayer Spring 2019
International Peace Institute (IPI) New Technologies to Support Protection of Civilians, Humanitarian Aid and Accountability Walter Miller Spring 2019
Mercy Corps Engaging Young People in Humanitarian Response- Country Focus, Nepal: From Compact, to Guidelines, to Action Suzanne Hollmann Spring 2019
CARE Assessing the Impact of Women’s Village Savings and Loans Associations on Building Resilience in Humanitarian Response Joshua Chaffin Spring 2019
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Mapping Existing Global and Regional Human Rights Education and Training initiatives and Organizations Sandra Sirota Spring 2019
United States Department of State- Office of International Labor Affairs in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Labor Rights Accountability Mechanisms and their History Scott Martin Fall 2019
Equality Myanmar Universal Period Review and Advocacy in Myanmar Kristina Eberbach, Benedict Fleming Spring 2020
Government of Peru, Government of Colombia Colombia and Peru: Securing Community Acceptance in Natural Resource Rich Areas Jenik Radon Spring 2020
IFC ILO Better Work Jordan Union Representation of Migrant Workers Within the Current Legal Framework Mashkura Akilova Spring 2020
International Peace Institute (IPI) Protecting Human Rights After UN Peacekeeping Transitions: Preparing for Darfur Walter Miller Spring 2020
Mercy Corps Cash Transfer Programming for Adolescents in Emergencies Suzanne Hollmann Spring 2020
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Two Track for Vulnerable Children: Optimizing Support By Ensuring Nexus Humanitarian And Development Programming in South Asia Joshua Chaffin Spring 2020
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Study on the Impact of Human Rights Education and Training Programmes for Children and Youth in Non-Formal Education Kristina Eberbach, Sandra Sirota Spring 2020
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs Supporting the Government of Timor-Leste in Strengthening their Disaster Management/Capacity Building in Interagency and Multinational Disaster Response and Civil-Military Coordination Karen L. Levin , Nathalie Rothschild Spring 2020
Millennium Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy Scalable Production of a Covid-19 Injectable Vaccine: What Does It Take? Jenik Radon Fall 2020
United States Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Office of International Health and Biodefense Analyzing Risk Communication and Behavioral Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic Anya Schiffrin Fall 2020